Fever – Renny Ramone

Nine cardboard boxes stacked on my Mother’s doorstep. She sent them here knowing I’d have no other place to go, at least nowhere with a decent shower head. I knew what was inside the boxes; I knew exactly what was inside those fucking boxes. That’s why I didn’t bother shifting the transmission into park. I wasn’t ready for any of this shit so I let my foot off the break and continued down the crescent driveway that trailed my Mother’s private door to and from the public street.



Three Poems – Cait Reynolds

February is Short and Unforgiving


The moon is destructive

mine resides in Scorpio

Let me keep this secret

it feels sacred when I’m quiet

let me be anxious with the dark

I’ll swim in your black water pool

what lies at the bottom does not concern me

Beasts and death scare me the least

We have frayed nerve endings in our fingertips

is that why we pushed them

inside of each other

deeper than we ought have

I’d let you rearrange my organs

to find a safe place

to leave whatever you have

left to give me

In my chest cavity

Frosted womb

Eroded stomach

You get caught in my throat

but leave enough room

for me to breathe




Chicory Knife Slave – Bibles Appropouture

If I don’t continue along the progressive path then how can you expect me to stay alive? I’ve got to be forever vigilant and always on the case because the mystery never stops unfolding. There are clues everywhere, scattered through invisible cities: the apple in my eye in the navel of the love of my life. Musette. And don’t even get me started on Penelope, roller skating in the park,



The Kayfabe – William Bardot

Baldo Babikov broke Vicky Paine’s heart. Now her brother and me are going to give Baldo the smackdown for it. Randy would do anything for his sister. He’s my best friend, but he’d kill me in a heartbeat if Vicky asked him to. He’s outlined the inequalities of our friendship in perfect detail. It goes: Vicky > Pamela Anderson > Me. At least I come before his parents, but it’s non-fixed.