The Kings of Salsa – Isabella Esser-Munera

    For Jimmy, on your wilder nights


Martina, Downtown LA, 3pm


Well what do you want to do?  Martina texted.


I want to get WILD


Zoey typed back.


Shit. Martina sighed, looking at the clock in the upper right hand side of her laptop.



What Type of Cheese are You? – Marisa Crane

Buttcheekbook has fucked me again. A friend shared a Buzzshit quiz, “What Type of Cheese Are You?” along with her results: plain old cheddar. What a lame-o. In order to prove that I am not a lame-o, I have to take the quiz and discover what type of cheese I am. Before it is too late. Before the aliens come down and rescue all of the people with cheese name-tags on,



Much like a Cat – Homeless

   Much like a cat, Mark had to be coerced out from underneath the couch whenever Wendy had company over.

   “Where’s Mark?” one of Wendy’s guests would inevitably ask, and Wendy, after making that nervous little smile of hers, the one she learned to perfect ever since Mark began acting weird over the past year or so, would grab the bag of treats off the kitchen counter, walk over to the couch and,



Three Poems – Anthony Dragonetti

Blade Joy


You say you need me
so why do you talk to me
that way?

I am saying into the mirror

High heel whispers
from far down the hall

Do you know I’m down here lady?
A complete prick
But I’ll make you laugh
So invite me on up
I am prepared
to put all of my
in you

I’m standing on a chair with a steak knife
between my teeth
I’ll cut a hole in the floor
Pop my head in
Lead with a joke

But I know I won’t
get through

I take a seat on the chair and
look up
hoping maybe a drop of your sweat
will somehow seep between floors
and I can taste you

Finally I feel my
phone vibrate and it’s her
so we can forget
that this whole thing
ever happened

But if you ever need a cup of sugar