i’m so depresesd – Johnny Scarlotti

my girlfriend is taking a nap 

i look up porn 

n jherk off 

i cum on myself 

then forget about it

and browse the internet 

i check to see if she’s awake


i buy a bunch of stuff with her credit card 

i notice the cum has dried on my chest

and stomach

it’s crusty 

i pick it out of the hairs 

and put it on my desk i crush it up into a powder 

it looks like cheap cocaine haha

i notice she’s in bed watching me do this

oh shit

she says wut the fuck r u doing 

i tell her 

i got us some cocaine baby

she grabs a hundred dollar bill from her purse 

rolls it up 

and snorts a line 

and gives me the bill 

and i snort a line





Subprime Mortgage Crisis – Anthony Dragonetti

I was in the market for a house
A modest one
with no real plans
to expand
but it had to hold
all my baggage

The little man
showed me around
a place he said was
within my budget

A couple twenties
A tupperware of rotten leftovers
A journalism degree
A shoebox with grandma’s bonds

This is the living room
It is a nice size
Plenty of space
to entertain
the people who
love you
that you treat
with contempt
at the slightest
real or perceived

You can’t help that you are sensitive
he assured me

I nodded in approval
and followed him
to the bathroom

Like a master suite
he beamed
A tall mirror to look
at yourself with
great coverage

I could practice
my character
in a mirror like this
I said

The little man
agreed saying
Yes the character
you play
The one who hurts people
because it’s never
the true you
doing it

That’s right
I have never
hurt anyone

The bedroom I loved
like he said I would
as we walked down the hall

The perfect place to
grind my teeth
being chased in dreams
And to curl up
against someone
who can read my every mood
and is never sad
so that I am never sad

That leaves the basement
but I chose not to see it

I’ll take it I said
Are you sure?




Body Tempo (Earl’s Flow) – Manuel Marrero

(Industrial beat)

I was born in filth so I have my reasons to knock the rot off your jaw run afoul of the law I’m splitting doobies with my self while you get ranked on naw I never been flaw I’m aching bulletproof vest im shaking tryna invest transect infest I’m two shades of grey with a loudmouth cleft you two fades from rekt droolin booty euphemisms on my stained glass erect-ion I’m tryna get my flex uhnm ain’t nothing but a c section baby child of the late 80s raised on formula milk with my twin and some kids they called friends but I’m better off without them I said but no one paid attention til I paid my ho’s rent Will Rogers never made a joke at my expense so who’s to say who gettin dome in heaven the shooters or the looters for dollars and cents been silly since I cultivated some sense and came correct with my forearms bent my posture staggered found a good hill to bury my ills got a bottle of pills to chase the sour taste of race baiting lips and swaying hips while you mollycoddle models that hypnotize a bitch to his first vodka fifth stash it in a satchel light touch firm grip force rip horse whips ass yeah I’ll take that white mane you rode in on and sell it to the nude rider el topo I’m too fast listening to Yoko you slow as 4loko after orange sparks cans on the dashboard I ditched my passport in Paris hopped the turnstile and dashed I’m caught between rails and lurid fantasies of being hunched over your grave with that bag of blowcane and holding your widow’s hand I grew up too fast you a fountain of ash marble statuary piece of assgrabbin’ harassin’ turn the cameras on and flash him while he takin stiff upper lip service management like it ain’t obvious I come with caveats I run with courtyard marriotts and mule driven chariots deliverin islands loans and bourgy camera phones fuck that I’ll draft the ones worth saving exsanguine cored out I’m bored now I’m poppin off targets and loppin off locket chains takin my grandma to get the guillotine’s teeth taken out rearranged fastened to a necklace of silver bullets built a fence called it suspense whatever you wanna call it something else means less Ruby Ridge door hinge and twisted knives at my side bullet in my spine  and I’m walkin upright aright lookin right through you to the shit I found out you lookin right through me wondrin’ when I’ll be around so ima tell you like I told the last and the first this ain’t no pet hobby I’m getting dragged in a hearse to the sears lobbyin catalog you call success I think being a cult writer sucks less blood jets from my sleeper subtext see I learned how to dress the same day I learned what it meant same day I learned how to speak with respect same day I bartered for less than a hellscape of stress,




Three Poems – Anthony Dragonetti

Blade Joy


You say you need me
so why do you talk to me
that way?

I am saying into the mirror

High heel whispers
from far down the hall

Do you know I’m down here lady?
A complete prick
But I’ll make you laugh
So invite me on up
I am prepared
to put all of my
in you

I’m standing on a chair with a steak knife
between my teeth
I’ll cut a hole in the floor
Pop my head in
Lead with a joke

But I know I won’t
get through

I take a seat on the chair and
look up
hoping maybe a drop of your sweat
will somehow seep between floors
and I can taste you

Finally I feel my
phone vibrate and it’s her
so we can forget
that this whole thing
ever happened

But if you ever need a cup of sugar