Two Poems – Carrie Laski

this poem was not about you but then suddenly it was about you


neutral carpet

nothing to hold

kill kill kill

lawn chairs in the living room make me


my flame for everything

but sleeplessness feels fine!

opiatic and thin

I want nothing but dustless surfaces

to trace in the afternoons

when the sun is falling down through the stairwell

did you know?



Two Poems – Jade Cruz Quinn

Who Brought the Storm

shrubs become tumbleweeds
I swerve to avoid
the drought is over
El Niño fixed us in one season

it flooded
crawfish spilled down

the mountain
ready for a fight

a tide carried her away
the girl inside me died
I still can’t get around

to burying her

there are ashes on the mantle:



Interview with Mallory Smart

The cover of I Want to Feel is artfully appropriated from the SCUM Manifesto. What inspired it?


i picked the design more for its aesthetic than for its message, though i do see minor echoes of it in i want to feel happy. the cover first caught my eye at a feminist/communist bookstore in Minneapolis. I took my ex-boyfriend there because I wanted to show him a Roxane Gay book.



Barabbas – Theresa Smith

Barabbas is late. I had a feeling about Barabbas. I have to admit I was seduced by his resume: Herodic palace guard, Oriental astrologer and, here’s the kicker, a speaking role as Pharisee 2 in Matthew 19:7. But here we are, the masses are screaming, the Son of God’s in shackles, Pontius Pilate has to leave at 6:30 – and no Barabbas.


From my desk,