Here – Kai Edward Warmoth

It was likely 2009, the first encounter,
(although this is only a faint attempt
to grab at black pools of memory
and tether them to temporality). To admit:
it was wholly unremarkable.
A rurally-situated living room;
a facade for bonfires, circled by youth.
And you held a guitar and sang,
the fingertips of a false English accent,
swirling like wax from the melted crayons
of your influences.



i’m so depresesd – Johnny Scarlotti

my girlfriend is taking a nap 

i look up porn 

n jherk off 

i cum on myself 

then forget about it

and browse the internet 

i check to see if she’s awake


i buy a bunch of stuff with her credit card 

i notice the cum has dried on my chest

and stomach

it’s crusty 

i pick it out of the hairs 

and put it on my desk i crush it up into a powder 

it looks like cheap cocaine haha

i notice she’s in bed watching me do this

oh shit

she says wut the fuck r u doing 

i tell her 

i got us some cocaine baby

she grabs a hundred dollar bill from her purse 

rolls it up 

and snorts a line 

and gives me the bill 

and i snort a line




Never Negotiate: Bibles Appropouture – Manuel Marrero

You Had Me at Ello


Bibles had failed. The Doves were failing. Sid, Bibles, and Candy were an indivisible & irreducible sum, a chimeric, eldritch aberration, a cosmic joke with the single-minded teleologic purpose of terrorizing me, livestock for a defeated creator. The summit had failed. Sid strode into the citadel with all the cultivated conviction of a labor leader vying for stolen credibility, cradling breviary,



Friends – Eric Cecil

Rand was leaving. He sulked up the blue stairs, pale and hard in the overhead light, and felt the basement’s humidity wither into the staid dry heat of the night above. It was the end of summer, but Rand knew there would be several more hot and immobile nights ahead, and as he opened the maintenance door and stepped into the acrid air, he cursed them.

He was already sweating when he locked the door and lowered and secured the gate.