Untitled – Kate Engler

I tried to tell him that my belly longs to be swollen belly baby belly

beloved belly/ birthing/ birth/ afterbirth/ belly

my gut aches; I am old; blooming and shriveling with the passing hours; stone

fossil and throbbing embryo.

Yearning swelling swollen vibrations- run too fast for too long

Ears throbbing underwater hunger beyond bread beyond sex everything slowed

under honey like poets promised.



Daily Mainichi News Wire – Sprague Dawley

Local Doctors’ Successful Petition For Wheelchair Access

–NY Times–

Noted black hole physicist and former GG Allin lyrical collaborator Dr Stephen Hawking has today filed a successful motion with his local elementary school’s PTA requiring the establishment to install wheelchair access and elevators so he can “roll in there like Ironside toting a motherfucking AK” and shoot the place to shit.

“I’m not saying I will,



Six Poemz – Ryan Bry

like a dream scythe to the head / sleeper-soul


wake up

you alien

we got shindigs to wrestle

degrees to flaunt

slashburns to remedy,

with time with time

the breezelette mingles

to the reasonable sound

of quartet floozies

zing out of this dimension

to another Earth

with more sympathy

for chicken growers

like yourself.



Continuing Unscientific Postscript on Time – Theresa Smith

All the while, time was caroming around, looking for its ends, and damaged by loss and panic, swung wide, screamed west and eventually flung its heels over its own head, gaining momentum in the terror of inertia. It gritted its teeth and pulled its legs in and began to whirl faster, eventually becoming a centrifuge, and this is how the pendulum, incidentally, became a rotary mechanism.

I feel strange about things,