Mas Poems – David Estringel


Like will o’ the wisps.
stars dance and fall in black sky
then die in my hands.


Let hungry flames lick.
Devour this flesh that binds
and let me be free.

“Olokun, the Deity of the Ocean Depths”

What stirs in your murk,
crawling upon ocean floors?
O, help me see ME.



Three Poems – Rebecca Kokitus

closet skeleton 


my spine feels wrong, like

someone dissected me 

in my sleep and took 

a single vertebra, souvenir 


if I gained the 20 lbs 

I starved away, a doctor 

could blame the pain 

on my body 


the truth is that my bones 

are hollowing themselves like

storm strewn trees 

but I look indestructible, 



Pinch Hitter – Kristin Garth

I take you home with me, say, “Open up

that mouth.” They say I have a pretty cock — 

rich girls with educated lips, cheeks made of

tan angles, sharp, I’ve decorated, shocked 

hot pink — not plump, pale, freckled, sad, like you.

Dead bar, marred car, I settle.  Focus on

the pointy tits — near dead doe eyes,



Even With Advanced Air Bags – Tom Snarsky

I think we can be worried

that time won’t be enough

of a deterrent. Sitting like

a gargoyle atop the present

& all its terrible fears, I feel

the way a laundromat might 

when the bank finally stops

rolling quarters. I think we

made a more powerful enemy

than we thought when we

started disrespecting death,