Three from My Posey Taste Like – Alexandra Naughton

“you’re always thinking about big things”

you’re always thinking about big things. grand ideas. bigger than dinner plans. bigger than birthdays. schematics and semantics. like a secret code you know that i understand. like you think like me and want to listen to loud music. roll your windows down. you want to feel dizzy. you want to focus on something constant like a bell chiming in your head and it’s familiar like knocking without calling first and it makes you want to do things.



3 Chundered Bits from Also Sprach Sprague – Sprague Dawley

Korean Teens Pimp Out Their Grannies For Booze Money.

–Seoul Times–

Reports are coming through of enterprising Korean teens pimping out their grandmothers for fucken beer money.
“Root my whinging lemon-faced nana
so I can get on the piss.”
-enterprising Korean teen.

“My grandmother is old as shit but the rooting’s cheap” said one half pissfaced teen.



Little Suamoco – Ted Prokash

I recall my late teens and early twenties as a decidedly dissolute period in my development. My memories of that time are colored in Victorian hues. I spent my days drunk, half undressed, draped over dusty divans in an existential languor . . . with stage direction from Oscar Wilde.

Ha ha! Now you’re in on the joke. Now you have an inkling of the fog of stupidity that has obscured my path in life.



Blood Hunt – Beth Murphy

oh to be a simple child! to dream of the things thought minutes before sleep or read in the hours before the head hits the pillow. mother, father, home—no trace of fraud. three boys, porte, marte, and sid, all born on the same day, with mousey hair and infinite blue eyes. piano, sports, math and languages, they grew into skinny builds and fevered voices. inconsistency crept its way into their homeschooled knowledge.