The premise is a Kafkaesque conceit. A man suffers a head injury. What a lovely way to burn… Renny Ramone crashes the literary scene with this nervy and soul-baring debut, a slim volume of omnipresent menace, steely tenderness and sprawling hallucination that could only have spawned from the debris of past lives and their attendant hauntings. Fever is an audacious act of redemption and reclamation in progress, a synthesis of loving cinephilia, frank sexuality, wonky intellectual neurosis and a heartrending portrait of a damaged antihero. Follow this unreliable narrator through a ghost story, a love story, a comedy of errors and nightmare all at once, through the seedy dregs of Miami nightlife, glamor and posh decadence, the allure of the feminine gallery, the refracted lens of memory, the shenanigans of friendship, loose change and growing pains of transformation, and the hilarities that ensue when a person possessed by the past collides with the present day debauchery and saturnalia of the vile swamp he calls home. Abort the human, birth the artist. Take the febrile plunge. 

5.5 x 8.5″. 110 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art by Renny Ramone. Ships November 22nd or sooner.

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Chapter One

Interview with Renny Ramone




An archaeological conclave stumbles on a possible skeleton key to unlocking space and time. The Biblical crucifixion is gleefully reimagined as a carnival of mistaken identities and archetypes. A nodal literary figure is resurrected and interrogated on the salacious subtext of his novel as canonical concordance is thrown into carnal upheaval. A chance encounter on public transit becomes a fulcrum of entropic derangement. A species of arcade-style games conceal a vicious intent. The mysteries of a fictional planet are explored. Faith, science, and all manner of human constructs and earthly intuition are tested by Theresa Smith’s otherworldly imagination. The human condition is laid bare through inversion and surgical inquiry. Curiosity is the engine that drives Theresa Smith, the quintessential voice in science fiction you can’t afford to sleep on, and the thrum of her electric heart the compass. Tune in to her signature madcap, boundary-defying innovations in these ten stories with illustrations.


5 x 8″. 98 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art by Arturo Herman Medrano. Ships June 29th or sooner.


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Theresa Smith Draft Directory

Interview with Theresa Smith



Welcome to Huber Cell, where time served is time borrowed, and the ephemeral conflicts and friendships yield lessons to endure a lifetime on the outside. Follow Ted Prokash, the droll, incomparable narrator from A Fool for Lesser Things, The Brothers Connolly, and Journey to the Center of the Dream (available through Joyless House Publishing) through the jejune pranks, hearty laughs, and wistful musings of involuntary confinement, and hold a stethoscope to the pulse of small town gossip, pining, solitude and solidarity through iron bars and intermittent recess. This is Ted Prokash’s fourth novel, his voice singularly warm, robust, and indelible as the memory of rustic seasons passing immemorial through long albedos and horizons. It is a hilarious, moving account of one man coring out his degeneracy and laughing as he tosses the rind. It is a characteristically louche tribute to irreverence and that most American of dissents.


5 x 8″. 98 pages perfect-bound. Cover Art by Sam Pink. Ships June 29th or sooner.


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The Electric Jailhouse Acid Test

Interview with Ted Prokash


“Mallory Smart is gloriously miserable. She’s down in the dumps, but full of music and magic. She writes about how perfectly sad it is to be in and out of love, as her sights are set on anxiety, drugs, loneliness, dank memes, and a big fat heap of post-grunge. She is a perfect wrecking ball, with a smiley face painted on the side.” – Bud Smith, author of Dust Bunny City

I Want to Feel by Mallory Smart is a collection of poems rich in impish humor, pop culture confessionals, and a self-consciousness that’s as cutting as it is healing. In a poem titled “Sometimes I Like to Imagine Pulling the Mask off my Face” Smart continues the thought in the two lines that follow: “But I can never bring myself/to delete Facebook.” Dude, I totally feel you.” – Alexandra Naughton, author of American Mary

“I’ve never seen an image of a person with their smartphone made into a beautiful portrait, but a description can be near metaphysical. Or not. (Smart does both.)” – Beth Murphy, girl in Times New Viking

Mallory Smart is a writer from Chicago, Illinois. Her work has appeared in Thought Catalog, Metatron, theEEEL by tNY Press, among others. She runs a small press called Maudlin House and is the author of the chapbooks I’m Antisocial Coffee Never Lies, Hipster Idiot and Fear Like a Habit. This is her first full-length poetry collection.

5.5 x 8.5″. 65 pages perfect-bound. Ships Jul. 29th.

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Sad Feminist

Interview with Mallory Smart


“Joseph Harms invites us to enter a world of language in BEL, a universe populated by musical strangeness and linguistic surprise. To read this work is to be reminded of all the magical power contained by words, and the effect of that power when it’s unleashed by a gifted poet. Syllables themselves begin to hypnotize, and the form and invention of these poems, individually and as a complete experience, heighten the reader’s awareness of the luminous force that is the human impulse to make meaning. As a poet, Harms is our shepherd into this new landscape, made of the familiar and the uncanny, and BEL becomes as much a life experience as it is a book to be read and reread.” – Laura Kasichke

“In a niche all his own, Joseph Harms challenges his readers to a dizzying, high-wire act of verbal exuberance; a dazzling, unabashed revel in the ways language–coiled, charged, harnessed–will express the mysteries, the disorders of the human heart. What characters are forged here. What thrilling takes on American landscapes. No way to experience this work but to surrender to it.” – Donna Masini

“Joseph Harms’ Bel announces a significant moment in the tradition of sonnet sequences. Speaking to and across centuries of sonneteers, this volume pays homage to the form while also exploding its conventions, preoccupations, and ethos in order to reform and re-form. By turns poignant and savage, lyric and fierce, Bel startles with searching meditations on love, sexuality, connection, and hope. The poems dazzle in their sheer joy for the rhythms and possibilities of meter and language. This glorious volume gives voice to a singular wordsmith, one with roots in a legacy that hearkens back to Anglo-Saxon verse, that is sure to inspire future generations of poets.” – Lynne Greenberg

Joseph Harms is the author of the novels Baal and Cant.

Bel was a finalist for the 2015 National Poetry Series Award. Poems from this sequence first appeared in the following literary journals: Red Ochre Press, Poydras Review, Lines+Stars, SPECS, IthacaLit, Mad Hatters’ Review, Niche, Mandala Journal, Otis Nebula, Poetry Pacific, Out of Our, Wilderness House Literary Review, Stone Highway Review, The Olive Tree Review, Phantom Kangaroo and White Whale Review.

5.5 x 8.5″. 123 pages perfect-bound. Ships Jul. 29th.


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Four from Bel

Interview with Joseph Harms

Featuring an eclectic array of visual art from painting to collage, photography, sculpture and “whatsits,” the eleven artists hail from the all over the country and abroad. They are Chris Noel Stone, Kathryn Marks, Kiki Valdes, Catiebelle Bulmer, Gab Marras, Natalia Arbelaez, Leonard Kogan, Nathan S. McKenney, Michelle Garcia, Ronny Roman and Victoria Rose. 164 pages perfect-bound. 8.5″ by 11″ with one handmade, detachable centerfold per artist. Ships Jan. 16th.




Your Aeon Poetry & Prose Collection by Atticus Davis. Cover by Courtney Min. Book Design by Arturo H. Medrano. 5.5 X 8.5. 132 pages.


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The building blocks of this work are from the stones that melted before evolution

from the primordial semens of earth.

Without the word we would still get on.

I use the tools I’ve been given.


This book is a reading experience unlike any other. Some lines have the love and life the American


the belligerence is social. Violence is an eternal natural state, an undercurrent, neither love/nor hate.

From which compounds all the beginnings of life.


Other lines are bloodless, brutal, and conceptual.

Atticus begins sculpting an entire new world through perception with his, like a toddler learning to shoot a gun, grasping at ideas larger than his life\mind.

Its execution is more electric and experience based than most poetry. His ‘Hard-concept’ works like ‘FF Compositions,’

or ‘Clay’ works like ‘Purgatory,’ all deal with abuse/abusive logic/abuse of logic, manipulation, evil in the open, and the good hidden in everyone. The truth hidden in a lie. Every lie that comes with chosen truths.

Influenced heavily by metal, post-hardcore, composition is vital. There has to be a constant chaos.


Feelings of nausea, alarm, horror, desire, are all combined.


Paranoia leaks spitting foam from the pages.

Some of these narrative poems are exhausting or exhausted.

A section of aphorisms called ‘Tailor Made Pain,’ presents concepts that may or may not be true.

May or may not be moral. And may or may not be sheer failures as truths or lies.


Keep your head out of it. Think for yourself. ‘Trust you like a friend/treat you like a stranger.’

While others are like his fiction, Ansel Adam’s inspired, ‘head on.’ What he calls, ‘American Floral.’

The nature of man is different in the modern world. Is it fatigue through a godless will?

The ancient is kitschy. No altar for most of us to subscribe to.


There is a certain necessity that comes with indecision: one must have a relationship with that which he believes. He must ease in slowly. The difference between the drop down menu of beliefs versus ones tailored truest to your experience. And then decide. Belief before experience but be bright enough to gauge it.


‘The cities are swallowing the villages…like you forgot to paint blood on the door…’


Atticus Davis is a 25 year old poet and artist living in California. He is a modern day seer.
He is the author of the collection ‘Dumb Stuttering Free’ from Bedouin Books and his work has appeared in Metazen, The Scrambler, Housefire, Hobart, Vivimus, Pretty Owl, Whole Beast Rag, theNewerYork!, and Keep This Bag Away From Children.

Your Aeon.PDF


Thousands of Lies Novel by Manuel Marrero. Book Design and Cover by Arturo H. Medrano. 5.5 X 8.5. 314 pages.


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When Agent Rx, chronic criminal and fugitive, goes off on a dust binge, he hits rock bottom and hits the road, leaving a trail of tears, violence and infamy in his wake. Meanwhile, Jordan Strong uncovers a highly classified method of time travel under the fixed scrutiny of various government agencies and chapters of the occult all coveting his guinea pig tits ‘n appeal. Enlisting Rx’s blue-collar bred double helix for tedium and accumulation of detail, they exploit parallel realities and paradoxical time lines to mine Thousands of Lies, a collaborative novel transcribed from the voices of the dead, for the sake of preserving their own track of time. They stage the Phenotypical Exploitation, a kidnapping of the perfect woman, their mutual ex-girlfriend Jane Bale, and subsequent sale as art to the nation’s cauldron of incestuous activity, New York City’s dance music circuit, purveyor of all things drugs, sex and art. But their interests unravel when Agent Rx tries to reverse engineer the domestic trial of the century, bringing the novel, its author and the Exploitation’s fatally erotic subject into notoriety for dollars on retrograde dimes. Together, they embark on a literary crusade of self-sabotage that threatens to fall off the cutting edge of a techno thriller, picaresque odyssey and log of skeletons.

An upscale Polish call girl develops a posthumous reputation as the poster child for the right to die movement. The simultaneous advances in medical science and life expectancy coincide with the human colonization of Mars. A transgendered stick-up thug pulls off a career robbery, befriends a US President, gets used by the CIA, and becomes a father. A media star attempts to change her image. Paranormal visitations threaten the sanity of hard drug addicts, all the while a support group for movement disorders braces as a roundtable therapeutic free-for-all. Is a telephonic method of time travel the real deal, or an exploitation in itself, a device for dredging up juice from a cold vein? This is the story of two men among hundreds of ghosts and trees, from Cuba in the 1930s to New York in 2046. I know folks from the rust belt to the dust bowl who’ve never seen these trees. Go see them. You owe it to yourself.

Manuel Marrero is a writer and publisher in Queens.

Thousands of Lies.PDF

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ExpatlitJournal Print 2. Featuring works by Jeff Bergemann, Gabrielle Bischoff, Erick Bradshaw H, Leah Cobelli, Ed Constantine, Lancer Kind, Manuel Marrero, Tiger Moody, Patrick Pineyro, and Theresa Smith. Cover by Arturo H. Medrano. Design by Dan Brat. 8 X 8. 134 pages.




90’s Teen 45 record. Engineered by Rat Bastard of To Live and Shave in L.A.. a1 Rat’s Lullaby: Foreskin Harmonic (Escalator to Hell) b1 RIP MTV b2 Sleep Paralysis.




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ExpatlitJ Print 1.

5.5 x 8.5. 84 pages.



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