Mornings are Weird – Maté Jarai

Identifying with Whale Sharks


It’s only 11:19
It’s raining again
I’m gone
In danger of becoming endangered
“Ladies and Gentlemen…”
I’m going by way
of the whale shark
cut up in a dark store room
of a supply ship off the
coast of Hong Kong
“Go down slow…”
Scattered parts of me
drift in the depths
each of them alone
terrified but determined
to come together again
form a force ready to fight back
whale shark wars
they find a way to go on land
a reverse submarine
they make soup out of us all
dominate us all
“I’ll never wake up
in a good mood again…”
like the parts of me
that remain
waiting patiently
to find each other
and resume
the fight.



Fire Maiden – Karina Bush


Living my karma
Via you

I asked to be degenerate
And life brought

Your constant dissolution

I chose my

Innate ability to harm myself

Can learn every lesson but this selfish
Drive to have the spectrum

Of intense

Like karma

My punishment memory
Is long

When your time comes
Don’t cry for sympathy
You picked first

You were fully grown
You entered our vow to
Execute sufficient misery




How to Fake It – Theresa Smith

There are no hard and fast rules for faking it. All you need is a reason and a basic enthusiasm. Anyone who purports to tell you how to fake it correctly is full of shit. There is no correct way, but there are suggestions with merit. The goal of faking it is to have one’s presumptions go, for the most part, unquestioned. Anyone who wants to fake it for any other reason is doomed to failure.



Interlude for a Dream – Tom Kane

Make way for the rape of Naples
The breeding of braindead
May the binding of Isaac proceed

Bleed, lest ye live to escape
for future never comes
Leading you on, out of your league
Defending to the death, left out to dry
Acceptable losses, all for the cause
The alarm will never sound

Waiting, on your knees
Prostrating to the least
Prayers left unanswered,