Once Upon an Osama bin Laden – Fawzy Zablah

You go to Afghanistan to find Osama bin Laden.
You get deported back to the U.S.
You sell your story to Hollywood and become famous.
You get addicted to cocaine with your agent Marty Howell while attending D-List celebrity parties.
You fall in love with a porn star named Tiffany Waves.
She breaks your heart and leaves you when your fame ends.
With nothing left to lose,



Merry Christmas Forever – G.P. DeSalvo


I think I caught that Aveno Flu from all the bird drippings on my car! And you may have too, god forbid!  I still have my cough and if you are coughing, I expect you’ll be doing so for a few months.  This, whatever it is, really hangs on. I wish we were together coughing our guts out like we used to do; remember how we always used to get sick together? 



Famine or (Get the Hell Outta Here While You Still Can) [excerpt] – Joshua Rodriguez



The thing about dad is he’s always been distant. Ken and I never had much of a relationship with him. But I swear he was different before he was reduced to rubble. Before the factory shut down and jobs evaporated the way crops do in a famine. Suddenly and without warning. He worked on an assembly line. Like his dad did. Like he probably wanted us to do.



the olive tree, aug 2004 – KC Toimil

Though I declared to be one of your own

And i innocently sat among the

Rest of the men, behind you back, behind

My heart, I betrayed thee, oh dear Savior.


What prize is there to win in payment of

Eternal life in hell? To give up your

Identity and to forever lose
The dignity of knowing you,