Donald Goines: An Exciting Alternative to Other Interviews

When Manny approached me about “doing an interview” for Donald Goines I was clear with him that I was only interested in interviewing him about Goines. “But, I mean, you wrote it,” Manuel said and I said, “Yes. But you agreed to publish it.”

Manuel relented and agreed to an interview that met my own idiot guidelines. I asked that he join me on Discord where we could just talk about my book and I could ask him questions and he could maybe ask me questions and we could “see where it goes.”




Extratone – Stuart Buck

        Friday nights were bass night at Charlie’s Arcade. You waited until the last customer left then Charlie opened the back of the Street Fighter 2 machine. Instead of a computer board and assorted wires, inside was a tiny door. Open the door and there’s a spiral staircase carved into the earth. Go down that and you come out in a massive room, lined with egg cartons to reduce the noise.



Friendship – Autumn Christian & Stephanie Yue Duhem

The Girl on Arrakis

for Steff

You’ll never make it across the desert, the boys told her.

A girl like you would collapse at the edge of the dunes,

Water spent. Bones for the sun.



The Adventure of the Glass Pipe – Caleb McGhee

        My companion and I were somewhat “hard up,” as the saying goes, not having had a good case in months. I of course could economize, yet the profound boredom and lassitude of my friend’s soul, his ennui as the French call it, had reached a breaking point. His original vice of cocaine had picked up, now progressing to smoking crack, and we were forced to pawn some of the furniture.