Just Sleeping – Adeline Swartzendruber

stone tape theory


you are what they call a residual haunting —
you are driving a car
because you are always driving a car

i am almost-roadkill
bleeding, not dead yet
and embarrassed to be illuminated by headlights

there was a time i would have wanted to be seen;
a fawn stumbling through its first steps,



1-800-LYF-LINE – Vivi Hayes

Sera is a textbook wet blanket, the dull and uninspiring type, a moment in her company grating as a seventeen-year-old crust punk’s Bandcamp-exclusive debut EP. No, uninspiring is the wrong word, she inspires pity and nausea. She’s the embodiment of the hours the competent high school kids waste meekly in wait as the less adept complete their SAT exams. Itching to kill the dimwits so they can go home and sleep.



On Constipation and the Anal Stage of Development – Riska Seval

#1 Eromeno Inamorato
Top: Musk Rose, Linoleum
Middle: Bergamot, Oily scalp, Stale books
Base: Aged pinewood, Gourmand, Sandalwood

There is this porcelain Chinese pen that sits on my desk in a silk case. The body is creamy and white, and the ends are Prussian blue. Next to it, a new notebook – Unopened but filthy with tobacco and scratches from sitting in my stale old bag.



Justin Isis Unveiled: On Neo-Decadence and the Literature of Anti-Apocalypse – Ben Dreith

I first discovered Justin Isis’s work in the depths of the pandemic when I came upon a sprawling post by novelist Dennis Cooper about the 2018 anthology Drowning in Beauty: The Neo-Decadent Anthology, edited by Isis. Fresh off a graduate program in literature, I had been sifting through what I considered at the time a literary world so nostalgic or pandering or self-involved that I was beginning to wonder if I should give up on contemporary fiction altogether.