The Only Factory Man – N.A. Gleason

“What are all these blacked out dots on the map?” I asked, looking over the report that I found on my desk.
        Stella swivels around in her desk chair to inspect my computer screen.
        “Those are all the most important vacant buildings. Remember you brought up the ‘epidemic’ that abandoned buildings are? You went on and on about it in that meeting,” Stella says, rolling her eyes before winking playfully.



Father Poems – Stephanie Yue Duhem

Forgive Him


Smudging the newsprint

like the half-print of a hoof in the snow 

with my forefinger, I am asking him

to trace the ideograms as far back as they go.

But he is a poor hunter—I know that now.

He is poor at many things. 

Once, he called my bruises to their names. 



The Hoffler Journals 1 – Jai Knight

(In which Eagle Beak is offered a new case and we meet the gang)

Yep, Private Investigator Hoffler is what it says on the name plate of my office door, and on closer inspection of said door you might notice several bullet holes, even though I’ve plastered and painted over them, ‘cause this business ain’t an easy one kid. In effect, my cross to bear.

You see,



Lena & Valerie – Genevieve Jagger

        Lena felt a dark rush. 
        It may just have been the purr of engine. Dom’s slick black Mercedes rolled like oil down the quiet street. The one Lena was pretending was hers. Dom always insisted on driving her home, so she’d told him she lived above the post office. She would wait inside when she got out the car, until he drove away – then walk the few streets home to her actual flat.