Thousands of Lies – Manuel Marrero


When Agent Rx, chronic criminal and fugitive, goes off on a dust binge, he hits rock bottom and hits the road, leaving a trail of tears, violence and infamy in his wake. Meanwhile, Jordan Strong uncovers a highly classified method of time travel under the fixed scrutiny of various government agencies and chapters of the occult all coveting his guinea pig tits ‘n appeal. Enlisting Rx’s blue-collar bred double helix for tedium and accumulation of detail, they exploit parallel realities and paradoxical time lines to mine Thousands of Lies, a collaborative novel transcribed from the voices of the dead, for the sake of preserving their own track of time. They stage the Phenotypical Exploitation, a kidnapping of the perfect woman, their mutual ex-girlfriend Jane Bale, and subsequent sale as art to the nation’s cauldron of incestuous activity, New York City’s dance music circuit, purveyor of all things drugs, sex and art. But their interests unravel when Agent Rx tries to reverse engineer the domestic trial of the century, bringing the novel, its author and the Exploitation’s fatally erotic subject into notoriety for dollars on retrograde dimes. Together, they embark on a literary crusade of self-sabotage that threatens to fall off the cutting edge of a techno thriller, picaresque odyssey and log of skeletons.

An upscale Polish call girl develops a posthumous reputation as the poster child for the right to die movement. The simultaneous advances in medical science and life expectancy coincide with the human colonization of Mars. A transgendered stick-up thug pulls off a career robbery, befriends a US President, gets used by the CIA, and becomes a father. A media star attempts to change her image. Paranormal visitations threaten the sanity of hard drug addicts, all the while a support group for movement disorders braces as a roundtable therapeutic free-for-all. Is a telephonic method of time travel the real deal, or an exploitation in itself, a device for dredging up juice from a cold vein? This is the story of two men among hundreds of ghosts and trees, from Cuba in the 1930s to New York in 2046. I know folks from the rust belt to the dust bowl who’ve never seen these trees. Go see them. You owe it to yourself.
Manuel Marrero is a writer and publisher in Queens.
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