A Canadian Death – F. Nosbier

They came from all across the Northern America’s. Oklahoma, New York, California, Edmonton, Toronto.
For the death of someone they couldn’t really even muster up something nice to say about.
I’m almost sure they just came to remember who they all were, where they all came from. Hoping they would all show up for them too.

A while later, we all stood on the edge, the same but different one.
Blues and pinks of childhood and innocence painted the sky like an impressionist trying to get laid.
Their trailers and packed vans turned into the stone. No longer beaters, junkers, reminders of their lives.

Across the park, another party was just getting swinging, but it wasn’t like this one. Death didn’t hover that party. Everyone spoke gaily, freely, without care, not like a dream. No one was remembering.

The moment that may have just passed.