A Murmuration of Apples; Her Snowbanks of Lonely Night – Réka Nyitrai


Love is a cuckoo-egg
– notes from a blind date, Bucharest, 2020 –

Agreed, that mornings are apples.
Agreed, that rainy mornings are green apples and sunny mornings are red apples.
Agreed, that love is a cuckoo-egg sneaked into a basket full of apples.
Agreed, that the first apple we will feast on has to be served on a white plate.
Agreed, that the one who will peel it has to be one of his ex-lovers.



The rainmaker

Where my pillow still holds the shape of her whispers a ribbon she peeled from my heart announces rain.



Still soaring

Even though her husband blinded her tongue in her dreams she could still see and kiss the skylark.