A Soul Left to Erode in Distant Dunes – Hestia N/A

“Faith is Proven in Suffering”


Linen wrapped feet floating across endless dunes
Skin hardened and sand blasted
Calluses built on unyielding devotion
The oily taint of sin burned off my soul by a decade of core penetrating desert sun
I’ve seen angels
I’ve seen devils
Held dialogues with the souls of saints
My endless journey for solace aged my soul 20 years beyond the vessel it’s contained in
I’ve seen the ruins of Solomon’s temple
The corpse of Petra
The crypts of Babylon
If you can adapt to being a nameless wanderer you’ll find yourself closer to God than most
Desert winds carry a peaceful insanity in their wake
Schizophrenic divinity embodied
Grains of sand rub me raw
Make me open to purification
The tombs of old worlds built on faith haunt the dunes
I pull my cowl up, whisper a prayer, and keep wandering towards salvation



“when they found my corpse it was still praying”


I am naught but spice to be crushed by your pestle
Ash to flow up towards Heaven
Sand to rub the feet of martyrs raw
Dust to let settle in rotting tombs
Seeds to sow in other’s souls
Water to cleanse all of creation
I am but a tool used to bring beauty and despair


“we are the ashen remains of God’s incense”


And so the end of summer comes
The dancing leaves of fall
Creates shrouds for us all
Souls hidden in plain sight
Dust chokes our lungs as we wander ever more
I’m here
Never there
The heat of the sun
The bloody holes in my hands
Wounds that never heal
I can’t think or sleep
Grains of sand rip apart my skin
Walking corpse broken mind
Sainthood granted in suffering
Empty dunes fill my mind
I collapse
My body erodes in the heat and dust
Another forgotten sinner