[Adolescent Anthology Years 2010-2014] – T. Rax

85 Page Word Document with pictures and formatting.


Leathery Flesh
recommendations Coat my inside in depth
I like to act like vestibule has collapsed
no entrance to this head
im just one walking phallus
hugging furry monks wishing that they were naked
fat women (little women) (puny women) (old men touching women on the subway)
no hair, porcelain skin rolls and rolls of flesh
Not leathery
something to calm this F
maggot brain of mine
F maggot here, F maggot there
eating away at my acoustic nerve
My head is clear to myself
I say I’m fine to myself
Why can’t my god be real I say to myself?
science is only science, not in a moving sense but stationary science
yes i say, yes she says
I like my thinkers (found) dumb
17.9 years it take sarah to reach 2500 in her savings account
for an appraisal
I must learn properties
I have a must
like a dead elephant
don’t look towards ground or towards light
look towards
my life must always have a must always
be explained through
Example 7 she says

sometimes i soar

but most of the time i lie in a soft bed
of lentil drooling out of your vegan mouth
it’s amazing
how i could love a person who harmed themselves
and once they weren’t so harming to themselves anymore
i moved on
and found you
a true girl with a true heart. (/////SCARS all over 🙁
And i love you now
and see my future with you…
[!!How can you be so sure you’ve found the one? You aren’t even 3 digits yet]
but what am i attracted to?
the suffering?
there isn’t much i can do
so i guess i just wont do
and have my teeth chatter from the cold


i could wait here
until her hair turns grey
until his teeth rot
my home is no heart
and my love is never close
so i move
i hunt as hearses chase my tail
my main man on it he says
i grab my bat
we look at the swaying trees that coat the sidewalk
black middle is stained in the middle and bypassers stay on the outer sides of the block
gun shots blaze
people fall down
I witness
I stay on it
ont it on it
it on it on
baron beetles of impulivic ice in isclandic savage sweuade surging


Rumbling in the distance the
fox dies next to the river
‘ed to his
Pale face of never intruding excellence
To come this far to be swallowed
Why oh why fox
Why oh why car
50 on 25
Turns on kits
Kittens cry for the soft fur of their mother
They say
to me softly through my stream
“I wish i could demonstrate a show of sadness through tears
for you just do not understand me.”
I return on a yelp.
But return to a roaring
Why oh why must flesh die
Only to return to loud roaring

So on the top of my basement floor I’ve got 320 high school students on my mind. Each one access standards and principles that are reminiscent of where they believe they fit in the jigsaw puzzle. the puzzle looks like a raw steak inflicted with raw pain, tenderized by the hard punches of the butcher. My head opens on a hinge and the students fly out of my mind. off to nowhere. I hear little johnny yell that he wants to die. his pill friendz come to his aid and then they’re high. off to fucking nowhere. Why don’t people ask about this steak? Ask about why It’s their life. They never do. It’s just too rawwww, man.

Please my friend, smoke weed with me. Please my friend, take shrooms with me. Please my friend, snort adderall with me. Please friend take Vicodin with me. Please friend, finish off this bottle of trazodone with me. please please please let me get what I want. (u ungrateful son of a biped)

3 Variables, 3 rows they =
3 variables, 2 rows they differ

Potent Can of spray
Don’t let go
go pray
Tent in my green backyard
all nutty and knotted
Rotten to Rugged
Like scarves on a mountain on a neck
In the sky
Evacuate from the room of math
D wing room one hundred and two
-Lady Macbeth

Hospital Day 4

The lights stay bright
two chalk boards face either bunk
I choose not to sway my head towards the rough blackness
My hollowness is directed towards the window.
Curtains Split on every side.
Lay limply upon the Frame.
“Where do I go after this?” I breathe into
my skull as I clutch the book she gave me.
the curtains reign the body to warmth
a limp warmth
A body needs another body
cause bodies know of lonely
and curtains cannot console
cause they hang from nobody

The thermostat turns on the riveting heat but does not battle the shivering cold
I wish that I could console these curtains that hang from a frame to die (alone)

Integrate (X-(-X/2))^2

The useful rules shown here
heads roll
mountains slide and integrate
yet stuck in a function
Complicate, write with left
I am a sweet sigh…
of a reciprocated example
find what’s below
derive and derive
Just yearning to fly, I can’t.
So to stay taking 3 hole punches to the tangents of my thighs.
For the Rest of Samsara
Ouro rested boros

>>>>>>>And then the Vicodin hits, haha fuck