Alcohol – Louie Ramirez

Your arrival brings glee and applause, grinning faces,
Like a dearly missed friend walking through the door.
Successional “pops” spring up throughout the room,
And after an initial guzzle, exhales of pleasure abound.

Anxieties and awareness begin to slowly dwindle n’ die.
Happy, free flowing conversations bloom like dominos,
And the sinner chips away incrementally, invisible barriers,
Using tools like laughs, smiles, eye contact, sincere interest.

The great walls collapse, becoming powder. He shovels it
Away into a tall heap, igniting the ant hill to gradually burn.

But tearing down the walls, turns out to be a striking blow.
The ghouls intrude without scrutiny, and sprawl throughout
Your blood, mixing with the hoppy drink, engulfing veins.

Soon, you give your conscience away, to whichever monster
Wishing to take it. Glutton, never ceases its quest to fulfill.
Lust, stalks its prey, waiting for the perfect time to pounce.
Stupidity takes the wheel and drives you to eternal regret.

A heavenly angel swoops by, once the rebels are exhausted.
With the burnt ashes, it stacks and moulds another defense,
Hardened, but weaker. Entering with your permission, you

Awake, and realize the damage inflicted, and piercing pain
You’ve stabbed into the beautiful burden bearer.
He grimaces.