Amerikan Kodokushi – Myra Glass

Woke up to the void of an empty parking lot
Car filled with useless shit
Styrofoam cups, expelled aerosol cans and a single breathing corpse

  Wrists cut, lava overflows, leaving the man drained

Wandered into Walmart
greeted with a smile
Stood between Hardware aisles
Loitered for hours

Wrists cut, body leaks outs oozing into the seat

Plastic bottle vodka
Oodles and noodles
Filled with warmth
Numb the body one last time

Wrists cut, bodily juices marinate spongey upholstery Flesh, brownish maroon blood crusting over

Drunkly fumbling with a hunter’s knife
Slicing through pasty white dough
He wanders into the Eternal Night
Greeted by death with a smile

Wrists cut, body found 3 weeks later