an organizational chart(poem) on being – Michael Farfel

i am currently considering the nature of being by starting every morning by examining the inside of my mouth. open wide and stretch your neck back and check your back teeth and the papillae and run your tongue over the ridges of the roof and repeat. hands. count through the creases of your thumb and pinky and imagine feeling a phantom sixth digit and then a twelfth and try to fit them each into your metaphysics, this incorporeal posterior thingy filled with unbeing phalanges will help to either confirm or negate the senses. soul. head above, feet below, my head rests above my body, atop my body, my feet are on the floor, i am on the floor above my feet, where then is my body? my body is my head and my feet, i am a body, my soul is between the objects: head and feet. being is, firstly, first. being is temporal latency. being is being. being is before being. before being there is nothing. being is nothing. that doesn’t seem right. repeat: mouth agape, eyes agazing, fingers fomenting against the filaments of formulation, tap tapping on the mirror.

hello, yes, is that you? yes.