I Do Not Consort With Facts – Eris Mohr

Devils Dance Together on the Punchline – James D. Casey IV

language charade dead inside the clade – Sean Kilpatrick

Add to the Pile – DJ Pendeja

Sink – Eris Mohr

word bouquets – Janice Kang

Brain Penis – Eris Mohr

the olive tree, aug 2004 – KC Toimil

TV Poems – Emily Nicol

The Vices of Youth – Aqeel Parvez

A One Handed Poem – Gwil James Thomas

Last Night Ends Here – Ryan Bry

All You Care About is Music (Song for K) – Manuel Marrero

Sensory Degradation – Maté Jarai


2016 Clown Sightings – Janice Kang

The Herd vs. a Member of the Herd – Osbie Feel

Sacraments – S.M.H.

Headfirst – Chuck Harp

reload, beg, plead – F. Nosbier

Poultrygeist: Night of the Erection – James D. Casey IV

Cola-Up Today – David Lohrey

Dulce – Mika Hrejsa

Birthday Poem – Dylan Angell

An Admission – Gwil James Thomas

CHICAGOAN PIGEONS – Brooke Nicole Plummer

Auras – Chaotic Nightslayer

Howl (Unheard) – Sam Machell

Shut – Suzanne Crain Miller

These primeval representations of Unwritten Words That Slide Down The Wall will drag you into the struggle of forces with all of the conviction of a demiurge – James D. Casey IV

A Two Pronged Attack on People Skills – Gwil James Thomas

Tales of Demons and Agony – Brian Rihlmann

Interiors – Kristine Brown

Twice Five Hundred Beats of a Bluebird’s Heart – James D. Casey IV

The Mind Garden – Harley Claes

Princess of Pink – Mika Hrejsa

Россия – Kai Edward Warmoth

Zagovor – Elytron Frass

Contrary to Unpopular Belief – James D. Casey IV

Veiled – Tom Kane

Generation Kill Chic – Mika Hrejsa

Mornings are Weird – Maté Jarai

Fire Maiden – Karina Bush

Interlude for a Dream – Tom Kane

Dead on the Runway – Tom Kane

To (deleted) – Meeah Williams

Faces of God – Gwil James Thomas

Incarnation – Suzanne Crain Miller

Memphis Devil Shit – Based Mountain

Moving Through the Marrow – James D. Casey IV

So, That Was an Incredible Waste of Time and Energy, Right? – Gwil James Thomas

Emigrant Songs – Osbie Feel

In the Screams of the Flood – James D. Casey IV

Poems For Your Birthday – Anthony Isaac Bradley

I/You/Her – Dylan Angell

Whiskey Music – Renny Ramone

Quasi-Poems – Stefano Calligaro

Pink Valentine Highways – Meeah Williams

Love and Hate and Mindless Drones – James D. Casey IV

Dustbowl – Rachel Kass

Two Poems – Justin Morris

Untitled – Isaac Garner

Government Shutdown – Taurek

Visual Poetry – Laura Kerr

One Eight Hundred Poems – Osbie Feel

Odds & Ends – Ryan Bry

Hot Commodity – James D. Casey IV

Thrash Poems – Nick D’Ingianni

The Metamorphosis of Porno Jon – Gwil James Thomas

Ville Platte Southern Belle – James D. Casey IV

Poetry Is – Garth T. Ogle

Mas Poems – David Estringel

Three Poems – Rebecca Kokitus

Pinch Hitter – Kristin Garth

Even With Advanced Air Bags – Tom Snarsky

Tar Poems – Giacomo Pope

Two Poems – Kristin Garth

Two Poems – Gwil James Thomas

Fates of Fathers For Sons – Chuck Harp

The Bottom a Long Way Down – James D. Casey IV

Here – Kai Edward Warmoth

i’m so depresesd – Johnny Scarlotti

Subprime Mortgage Crisis – Anthony Dragonetti

Body Tempo (Earl’s Flow) – Manuel Marrero

Three Poems – Anthony Dragonetti

Variable Poems – CM Keehl

On My Washed Up ye Shit – Manuel Marrero

Three Poems – Cait Reynolds

Six Poems – Rebecca Kokitus

Two Poems – A. Molotkov

Untitled – Kate Engler

Six Poemz – Ryan Bry

Two Poems – Cait Reynolds

Six Poems – Anthony Perillo

Three Poems – Sophie Ruth

Two Poems – Lee Levinson

Two Poems – Carrie Laski

Two Poems – Jade Cruz Quinn

Three from My Posey Taste Like – Alexandra Naughton

Sad Feminist – Mallory Smart

Four from Bel – Joseph Harms

3 Cuba Poems & Miami Nocturne – Gregory Solano

Six Poems – Jose Moreno

To the Man who Blew Scopolamine in my Face, Stole my Bicycle, and Punched me Crazy Hard in the Ass – Artur Witkowski

So Much Losers – Michelle Forever

End of the World – Nathan McKenney

Two Poems – Artur Witkowski

A Very Short Engagement/ A Moment Alone – Chris Noel Stone

Hail Pussy Curtains – Catiebelle Bulmer

Watney Market – Gab Marras

Your Aeon – Atticus Davis

Selections – Atticus Davis

Satanic Rockers “Magic Wandella” – Gab Marras

Club Honcho – Kathryn Marks

Kash Sparks – Raul Fernandez and Dan Brat

Four Poems – Kendall Sharpe

El Juego de la Ausencia – Luis Orellana Arita

Some Art – Leah Cobelli

More Soon – Gabrielle Bischoff

Occult Engines – Ed Constantine

Holy Blow Hoes – Renny Ramone

Epistemic Epidemic – Renny Ramone

Cunt Submission – Samwise Bateman

Cum Blood Nest

Expat Advertising

Grand Central Blews – Jason Cozza

Some Art by – Gabrielle Bischoff

Silke – Daniel Bratkowski & Jason Cozza

Web Photo Process – Blaine Wyatt Carteaux