Killing Snakes – Cletus Crow

Agog, Anew – Madison Maurer

ghosts of the mcmansion – Malik Berry

The Cryptid – plasticbagger & Sterling Bartlet

Three Poems After Bob Flanagan – Cletus Crow

Julia 5 – Bernard Cohen

What is Bright Also Burns – Megan Busbice

endless summer – Madi Bean

3 Poems For Your Consideration – Chloe Wheeler

Middle Kingdom – Michael Borth

Full of Life – David Lohrey

this poem is titled untitled – Adedapo Adeniyi

It’s the Pills Talking – Michael Washington

Grandpa Poems – Cletus Crow

Lake Ida – Lana Valdez

the problem we found that nobody wants to solve, not even us – Ryan Bry

Just Sleeping – Adeline Swartzendruber

Meeples in Solvent – Trix Arctor

Violence – John Doe

IF U SAY IT, MAKE IT TRUE – Nicholas Rall

For Blair – William Tidwell

Best Foot Forward – David Lohrey

Phallic Symbols [excerpts + 1] – Cletus Crow

The Edge of Our Species – Sha Weï

The Times of Skim Milk – Alex Osman

Late Heavy Bombardment – Kat Kitay

No Rest for the Wicked – David Lohrey

January 15th – Nicholas Dolinger

The Eighth Sermon to the Dead – Jonathan Hine

Tomatoes After and Before the Frost – Helen Galioto

Three Years – David Hay

it surrounds me like bubbled star ooze – Ryan Bry

In Springfield, Illinois – David Lohrey

Dreams From My Bones – Xane Kemp

Rope Cracks – Amy-Jean Muller

Lambs – Isobel McHattie

Still – Bizarre Miscreant

It Follows Tomato Plants – Ali Huff

Kiss Me on the Mouth of the River – David Lohrey

Women ☕ – Naomi-Salomé Zwilling

Sunday Stew Poems – Gwil James Thomas

A Quiet Life Punctuated by Roars – Zachary Arvind Swezy

Fire – Louie Ramirez

Thanksgiving Dorm Party – David Lohrey

October Poems – David Hay

Platonics – Lexi Clidienst

Fucked Forever – Brian Henglein

Killing a Boar in Virginia – Gia Kelliher

It’s Not All So Tragic – Alex Osman

Rule of Whim – David Lohrey

a few by – Madeleine Jennings

Alcohol – Louie Ramirez

Intercrowns – Lucian Codas

Barbarous Men – Zachary Arvind Swezy

Mary Poppins, Necromancer – Rudy Johnson

in my worn boots – plasticbagger

Kool-Aid Poems – MD Wheatley

Testimony – Jasper Schlaffer and F.W. Dullmore

Aubade with Eating Terribly in Winter – Benin Gardner

Six-Legged Boy Toy – Cletus Crow

Fight in August – Cash Compson

Spitfire – Catherine Spino

Duh Simulation – Shae Sennett

Primping and Beautymaxxing Backstage at the Slave Auction – Mark Parsons

W H I T E G O L D – Brooke Nicole Plummer

Fifteen (15) Haiku – Homeless

Poems for Summer – Cash Compson

Adult – Adelaide Faith

Utopia – David Lohrey

Calling All Optimists – Miranda Steinway

In Cash – Z.H. Gill

Several Layers – Jasper Schlaffer

Fuck With the Squad I Send You Back to God – Big Bruiser Dope Boy

poo poo pee pee – GG Roland

The Young People Are Coming To Get You – Blake Nelson

Sagittarius – Sofija Popovska

Gold Tooth in a Knuckle Sandwich – Alex Osman

Irene – Emilie Lafleur

Excerpt from the Anonymous Angel and Poems to Pierce Reality – Ryan Bry

You Might Be Polyamorous – Big Bruiser Dope Boy

Now We Can Start a Family – Cassie Vogel

Weimaraner Owners Worldwide – David Lohrey

November 23 2007, Again – Cash Compson

Ordinary Parlor – Emmalea Russo

Brother’s War – Jan Stanek

Sock It To Me, Sock It To Me, Sock It To Me – David Lohrey

Future Malls of America – Tom Will

A Love Poem by Ahab Candomblé – G.R. Tomaini

Michelle Obama’s Friendsgiving Spread – David Lohrey

Göttingen – Sofija Popovska & Jasper Schlaffer

Revelation in Visio at a Santo Daime Ceremony – Milwaukee’s Worst

Autopoem 9 – Alex Kies

Corporate Vessels Don’t Take Toxic Cargo – Keko Prijatelj

Infinite Scroll – Gabrielle Griot

I Sing For Finalities – David Hay

Decline and Fall – Salomé

Quit at Fifteen – David Lohrey

Abusing the View – Marie López

The Last Tourist – Mark Parsons

Astronauts Lifting the Skin of the Moon – Réka Nyitrai

Formation Luck – beat56

To (Cannibal) Bob – Cletus Crow

Gallery – Nate Hoil

Nostalgia Ultra – Gwen Hilton

Revolution of You – Atticus “Little Tank” Davis

Motion of a Bloom in the Exorcist Deluge – Ryan Bry

Smoking K2 on a Dark Road Somewhere Outside Savannah While Zeke Freaks Out About the Cop Car That Just Drove By – Cash Compson

Wrinkle – Gale Acuff

Michelangelo Slips a Thought Into My Head – David Hay

Flowerchild on the 14th Street – Matilda Z.H

You Didn’t Hear This From Me – Chris Morgan

The Bluest Balls – Jasper Schlaffer

Autopoem 6 – Alex Kies

Friendship – Autumn Christian & Stephanie Yue Duhem

Celestial Disappearance Café – Sofija Popovska

Camera Obscura – Stephanie Yue Duhem

Possessed by Foxes – Réka Nyitrai

The Online Orbiters of V-nis – Adam Johnson

Taken with This Life – Little Tank

Repetition Compulsion – Forrest Muelrath

Stalker Andrei Tarkovsky – David Hay

Book of Sinners – Sofija Popovska

White Sea, Post Everything Generation – Matilda Z. Halen

saint sebastian speaks; or, pariah the doll’s RULES FOR BEAUTIFUL BOYS – Salomé Xtravaganza

bargain at the real real – August Knibutat

7thversionlol – August Knibutat

Space Heater – Jesus is Victory

Eight Thousand Poems – Myles Zavelo

Valentine’s Day – Ann Manov

Geriatric Moon – Tom Will

Ode – Sasha Leshner

The Sugarcoat Everything Blues – David Lohrey

Survival Mode – Sabrina Small

You Won’t Get It – Cash Compson

Prometheus Dawning (The Afterlife of Echo) – Sofija Popovska

Salud – Mather Schneider

Unfashionable Apocalypse – Aniket Sanyal

The New Year – Joseph Cross

Prayers to the Drop Ceiling of Lack That’s Descending from Above – Mark Parsons

Laborer Unskilled – Joseph Goosey

Between the Lines – Charalampos Tzanakis

Still There is Beauty, Beauty in the Shit – David Hay

Nicholas Sparks Made This Happen – Cash Compson

Bodies Made Of Blood – Robbie Coburn

Academic Fallacies – Jay Sizemore

Gloved Whedon – Oli Johns

Anfita – Rudolf Olafson

Make an Effort like a Lotus in Fire – beat56

Just an Obsolete Observator Masked as a Jester from Yesterday – Keko Prijatelj

[Adolescent Anthology Years 2010-2014] – T. Rax

milk & eggs – Courtenay S. Gray

The Naked Light – Brooke Nicole Plummer

Married on the 1 Train – Grace Dougherty

baby in a bottle – GG Roland

here’s the future of currency: you’re gonna get fucked in ways you can’t fathom – Barbara Genova

Playing Games – Zoe Contros Kearl

Wish – Shine Ballard

Pro-Annihilation – Darby Hyde

Wretches – Lee Levinson

Tilted – Paige Johnson

You’re Mine. (An Amorous Obituary) – Sofija Popovska

Erstwhile Ephemera – Jonathan Hine

Jet Set Half-Fuck-Flicks Circa 19-6 – Adam Johnson

Hyde Park as a Metaphor – Matilda Z. Halen

For You – Forrest Muelrath

God Recalibrates via the Manifest Image – SG Phillips

My Hourglass Dreams – B F Jones

Lightning Without Thunder – Gwil James Thomas


Styrofoam Curfew – Angela Weiss

Red Hammers – J. Alan Nelson


Yts Are Made of Clay: Untoward Collectable Edition 1/1 – Willanielli Kaye


Elisions – David Lohrey

Spoiled Roots – Alicia Turner

Hereditary Sulfur Dioxide – Alex Osman

Roadtrip – Sofija Popovska

A Mirror Behind the Clouds – Réka Nyitrai

The Sea is My Friend – Ashley Escobar

24 December, 2019 – Nicholas Dolinger

Three (3) Lyrical Miracles – Giovanni DeJaneiro

Double Life – Stephanie Yue Duhem

Heavenly Paris – Reagan Sova

Benjamín Galván Gómez – R Picazo

Three Patrols – Stuart M. Ross

a poem can’t do much with other people – Sean Corbitt

Forget More Please So I Can Pretend – James Lilley

Six Seeds – Wallace Barker

Pacific Time see you in Hyde Park – Matilda Z. Halen

Cover Your Ass – David Lohrey

Father Poems – Stephanie Yue Duhem

Grace Notes – Dana Guth

Richie Cunningham – Alex Osman

the quotidian reality of death – Em Brill

silhouettes in mon-tree-all – Atsushi Ikeda

Tonal Whispers from the Ghost Shrimp – Chris Moran

Crawl Crawl – Aida Riddle

Click to see Memories – Jane Black

Itty Bitty Bastard – Jake Symbol

Campfire Claymore – Barracuda Guarisco

Florida – Ally Shap

The Wild God of the World – Wallace Barker

About the Man – Keko Prijatelj

like watching a movie of other people getting drunk on themselves – Alexandra Naughton

I Will Do It – Charalampos Tzanakis

My Belly is the Whole of the Law – Forrest Muelrath

What Is A Fist If Not A Flower In Disguise? – Réka Nyitrai

Daddy Our Ballroom is Full of Guests – Matilda Z. Halen

Exciting Things I Said to my Mom Yesterday (Spoiler Alert: US) – Jesse Prado

Awakening – David Lohrey

Synthesis – Alex Kies

Lovely April, 2020 – Dom Schwab

How To Take The Salt Out Of A Kiss – Réka Nyitrai

Facing the Nation – Jonathan Hine

Doctor Lazarus [excerpt] – David Hay

Apotropaia – Bernard Reed

War of All Against All – Evan Isoline

encased in cobwebs – Kristen Mitchell

Stained – Donna Dallas

Still Trembling Trophies – Daniel Harlow

Decay Never Came – David Kuhnlein

Spectres of Saturn [excerpt] – Patrick Kilgore

Carnival – David Lohrey

Ephemeralization Ex Nihilo – Anna Brodsky

Stop Calling Tom Brady the Goat – Jesse Prado

almond joy – Alexandra Naughton

Trembling Demon – Maxwell Pretzer

Blinded, I Lead You To Beauty – Hestia N/A

Pterygium – Sierra Armor

in a circle of light, we fuck – Lina Limonov

Edible Archaeologies – Graham Irvin

Concrete Mixer – Liu Xingli

Womb – Rachel Kass

waterways – Stephanie Yue Duhem

Seriously Christopher Nolan – Jesse Prado

Panorama – Jonathan Hine

Panoply – David Lohrey

Construction Supervisor Terrified of Being Caught in the act of Reminiscing by his Staff – Jesse Prado

Return of an Ex. – Gwil James Thomas

Days [excerpt] – Akanbi Odunayo Rhoda Zoe

I Love Suffering – Kyle Brown

Contradicting an Aphorism – Jacob Stovall

Revolutionary? Spear it. – Netscape Negro

Civil Liberties – C.J. Christine

Blood Ties – David Zurawski

Soft-Serve Staircase – Jalal El-Kadali

leak – David Sprehe

Convulsions – Jonathan Hine

A Bouquet of Razor Wire – Sixes

Narcissa – Annie Chantraine

A Soul Left to Erode in Distant Dunes – Hestia N/A


Eleven (11) Haiku – Homeless

Amerikan Kodokushi – Myra Glass

All Japan Super Poem – David Lohrey

Four Experimental Poems – Parasite Hermit

A Pauper’s Luxury – beat56

A Void for My Collection – Crow Jonah Norlander

A Small Price to Play – Charles March

Fond Farewells – Kitty Arnold

Southern Chores – David Lohrey

Last Nigger in a Small Town – Netscape Negro

Golden Age – Jonathan Hine

Ricardo López & Christine Chubbuck – Sierra Armor

Dynamics of Flame – Chris Moran

Derrida Blog 6/19 – Jesse Prado

Berolinensis Midnight Masquerade – Matilda Z. Halen

Grinning From the Gutter – Keko Prijatelj

Sad Music – David Lohrey

An Unwanted Weighted Emptiness (May God Grant Me a Beautiful Death. May He Make a Blessed Martyr Out of Me) – Hestia N/A

Blue Petal Trance – Jonathan Hine

lose your taste for this shattered realm. – Bobbi Lurie

No Teacher Left Standing – David Lohrey

The Gentleman and Miss. Sinner – Matilda Z. Halen

LCD – Danielle Keller

Nightmare Poems – Stephanie Yue Duhem

Battle from Nile Street to Toothpaste Lane – David Lohrey

I Lose Comprehension of What Beauty is When You Aren’t Here – Hestia N/A

STONED IN THE VALLEY – Brooke Nicole Plummer

My Scars Bleed When I Think of You – Hestia N/A

Obelisk – Jonathan Hine

Art for Art’s Sake – David Lohrey

venereal reconciliation – Alexis Barton


Trying to Self-Actualize and Failing – Hestia N/A

Pacific Straussian – Matilda Z. Halen

September – Nylcajj Hairam

Drowning – David Lohrey

Acte-of-Fayth – Annie Chantraine

Wiring – Cletus Crow

Contemplation on Creation – Hestia N/A

Eat Cloth – Liu Xingli

Old Desires – Aria Perez

Waterway – David Lohrey

Hylomorphic Modalities – Chris Moran

ghost zone – Jonathan Hine

Sow – David Sprehe

From our Flesh Shall we See God—From our Wounds Shall He be Named – Leonard Klossner

Baudelaire Fever Dreams Himself, Hungover, Unto the Covidian Wasteland We’ve Numbed Ourselves To – Lee Levinson

Tissue Wasteland – Lily Arnell

The Empire Strikes Out – David Lohrey

Michigan 2009 – James D. Casey IV

Decay – Connor Orrico

hospital room day 5 – Nylcajj Hairam

this true love that waits at the end of despair – Bobbi Lurie

Trash Prince Poems – Miles Coombe

Doll – Donna Dallas

Something About Hand Soap – Jesse Prado

Love; Lost – Dom Schwab

Random Thoughts IX – Akanbi Odunayo Rhoda

Improving – David Lohrey

she was going one way down the hallway – Peter Gutierrez

California – Maté Jarai

D.H. Lawrence on Drugs – beat56

Lying About Accidents – Jesse Prado

Surreal Experience of Flying – David Lohrey

The Homonym – Theo Banks

i am writing auto-fiction hybrid forms. – Bobbi Lurie

Mother’s Day in Texas – Damien Ark

Dreaming to Death – Stu Hennigan

Demented Giantess – Karina Bush

against nature – Jalal El-Kadali

Brandy (hybrid texts – excerpt) – Xi Nan

Low Animals of Meaning – Michael Borth

being sad is sad, bro – Michael O’ Brien

Fallen Numb, Beaten Cold – Chuck Harp

Folklore – Jon Berger

groesbeck – jesse s.

() – David Sprehe

Views from Oyster Mountain – Jalal El-Kadali

Black Blood – S.M.H.

auld lang syne – Madison Zehmer

Epicenter – O F Cieri

Hardship – Elizabeth Victoria Aldrich

Doses – Theo Banks

The Temporary Times – Fawzy Zablah

Footprints and a footnote [excerpt] – Kristin Garth

double stroke roll – Jonathan Hine

Gold Chains Round Our Necks, Hellbounds at Our Heels – Gwil James Thomas

Scythe Dream – Evan Isoline

perception is the mask that hinders truth. – Bobbi Lurie

Video Game UFO – James D. Casey IV

The Flash Was On. – Amie Norman

A Head Full of Yesterday – Stu Hennigan

Roach Ripped Postcards – Gwil James Thomas

What Use is the Persimmon? – Mike Corrao

The Wizard – beat56


the ritual deception of death – Jonathan Hine

history – Bobbi Lurie

End of the Week Gamut – Jeremiah Benson

gayed out gayzone – James Krendel-Clark

the snow – Damien Ark

Kiss Me When I Die [excerpt] – Gladys Harlow

Serial Poems: 1303 [excerpt] – Xi Nan

Present – David Sprehe

Eradication Experiment – S.M.H.

Incandescencia Infernal – Jonathan Hine

Nanny State Blues – David Lohrey

Ten Poems – Fish Lu

To Search & Suggest – Dom Schwab

Battered Sausage, Chips & Peas – Gwil James Thomas

The Last Drug Romantic – beat56


Smokingreallyfinepipetobacco out of a cheapglassweedpipe bc youmisplaced your pipestem videochatting w a hotgirl who makesyounervous – James Krendel-Clark

Dulces Desvarios – Elizabeth Victoria Aldrich

I Can Only Cry in the Rain – DJ Pendeja

Tulip Mania – SG Phillips

Peace and Tranquility – David Lohrey

Idle Speculation – Deanna Witt

After I Hung Up – Suzanne Crain Miller

Unpronounced Suitcase Literature – Timothy Zero

because straight a’s walkthrough like a crime – Bobbi Lurie

love letter – Hannah Maiden

JELLYBEANS & HAND GRENADES – Brooke Nicole Plummer

Purple – Suzanne Crain Miller

Effervescent Coffins – Damien Ark

Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit: The Annihilationist’s Cookery or Nihilum Cooking for Deviant Folks – Lee Levinson

God’s Eternal Blindspot – Kai Edward Warmoth

may true love bless (and dress) your death – Elizabeth Victoria Aldrich

Falling – F. Nosbier

Fatal Escape – Amie Norman

The Sun is Mocking You – Alana Anderson

Birthday – David Sprehe

Chekhov/More Money Mix – Franklin Schneider (featuring Uzodinma Okehi)

Strange Seeds – Gwil James Thomas

Dusted in Eternity – beat56

Monolingoid – SG Phillips

Conceptual Poetry and its Discontents – W. Carter Halbrooks

Black Bath Water – DJ Pendeja

Psalms [excerpt] – S.M.H.

all it takes to be complete is to exist. – Elizabeth Victoria Aldrich

Preventing Suicide – James Krendel-Clark

The Day of the Red Vespers – D.C. Wojciech

My Best Friend – David Sprehe

I Do Not Consort With Facts – Eris Mohr

Devils Dance Together on the Punchline – James D. Casey IV

language charade dead inside the clade – Sean Kilpatrick

Add to the Pile – DJ Pendeja

Sink – Eris Mohr

word bouquets – Janice Kang

Brain Penis – Eris Mohr

the olive tree, aug 2004 – KC Toimil

TV Poems – Emily Nicol

The Vices of Youth – Aqeel Parvez

A One Handed Poem – Gwil James Thomas

Last Night Ends Here – Ryan Bry

All You Care About is Music (Song for K) – Manuel Marrero

Sensory Degradation – Maté Jarai


2016 Clown Sightings – Janice Kang

The Herd vs. a Member of the Herd – Osbie Feel

Sacraments – S.M.H.

Headfirst – Chuck Harp

reload, beg, plead – F. Nosbier

Poultrygeist: Night of the Erection – James D. Casey IV

Cola-Up Today – David Lohrey

Dulce – Mika Hrejsa

Birthday Poem – Dylan Angell

An Admission – Gwil James Thomas

CHICAGOAN PIGEONS – Brooke Nicole Plummer

Auras – Chaotic Nightslayer

Howl (Unheard) – Sam Machell

Shut – Suzanne Crain Miller

These primeval representations of Unwritten Words That Slide Down The Wall will drag you into the struggle of forces with all of the conviction of a demiurge – James D. Casey IV

A Two Pronged Attack on People Skills – Gwil James Thomas

Tales of Demons and Agony – Brian Rihlmann

Interiors – Kristine Brown

Twice Five Hundred Beats of a Bluebird’s Heart – James D. Casey IV

The Mind Garden – Harley Claes

Princess of Pink – Mika Hrejsa

Россия – Kai Edward Warmoth

Zagovor – Elytron Frass

Contrary to Unpopular Belief – James D. Casey IV

Veiled – Tom Kane

Generation Kill Chic – Mika Hrejsa

Mornings are Weird – Maté Jarai

Fire Maiden – Karina Bush

Interlude for a Dream – Tom Kane

Dead on the Runway – Tom Kane

To (deleted) – Meeah Williams

Faces of God – Gwil James Thomas

Incarnation – Suzanne Crain Miller

Memphis Devil Shit – Based Mountain

Moving Through the Marrow – James D. Casey IV

So, That Was an Incredible Waste of Time and Energy, Right? – Gwil James Thomas

Emigrant Songs – Osbie Feel

In the Screams of the Flood – James D. Casey IV

Poems For Your Birthday – Anthony Isaac Bradley

I/You/Her – Dylan Angell

Whiskey Music – Renny Ramone

Quasi-Poems – Stefano Calligaro

Pink Valentine Highways – Meeah Williams

Love and Hate and Mindless Drones – James D. Casey IV

Dustbowl – Rachel Kass

Two Poems – Justin Morris

Untitled – Isaac Garner

Government Shutdown – Taurek

Visual Poetry – Laura Kerr

One Eight Hundred Poems – Osbie Feel

Odds & Ends – Ryan Bry

Hot Commodity – James D. Casey IV

Thrash Poems – Nick D’Ingianni

The Metamorphosis of Porno Jon – Gwil James Thomas

Ville Platte Southern Belle – James D. Casey IV

Poetry Is – Garth T. Ogle

Mas Poems – David Estringel

Three Poems – Rebecca Kokitus

Pinch Hitter – Kristin Garth

Even With Advanced Air Bags – Tom Snarsky

Tar Poems – Giacomo Pope

Two Poems – Kristin Garth

Two Poems – Gwil James Thomas

Fates of Fathers For Sons – Chuck Harp

The Bottom a Long Way Down – James D. Casey IV

Here – Kai Edward Warmoth

i’m so depresesd – Johnny Scarlotti

Subprime Mortgage Crisis – Anthony Dragonetti

Body Tempo (Earl’s Flow) – Manuel Marrero

Three Poems – Anthony Dragonetti

Variable Poems – CM Keehl

On My Washed Up ye Shit – Manuel Marrero

Three Poems – Cait Reynolds

Six Poems – Rebecca Kokitus

Two Poems – A. Molotkov

Untitled – Kate

Six Poemz – Ryan Bry

Two Poems – Cait Reynolds

Six Poems – Anthony Perillo

Three Poems – Sophie Ruth

Two Poems – Lee Levinson

Two Poems – Carrie Laski

Two Poems – Jade Cruz Quinn

Three from My Posey Taste Like – Alexandra Naughton

Sad Feminist – Mallory Smart

Four from Bel – Joseph Harms

3 Cuba Poems & Miami Nocturne – Gregory Solano

Six Poems – Jose Moreno

To the Man who Blew Scopolamine in my Face, Stole my Bicycle, and Punched me Crazy Hard in the Ass – Artur Witkowski

So Much Losers – Michelle Forever

End of the World – Nathan McKenney

Two Poems – Artur Witkowski

A Very Short Engagement/ A Moment Alone – Chris Noel Stone

Hail Pussy Curtains – Catiebelle Bulmer

Watney Market – Gab Marras

Your Aeon – Atticus Davis

Selections – Atticus Davis

Satanic Rockers “Magic Wandella” – Gab Marras

Club Honcho – Kathryn Marks

Kash Sparks – Raul Fernandez and Dan Brat

Four Poems – Kendall Sharpe

El Juego de la Ausencia – Luis Orellana Arita

Some Art – Leah Cobelli

More Soon – Gabrielle Bischoff

Occult Engines – Ed Constantine

Holy Blow Hoes – Renny Ramone

Epistemic Epidemic – Renny Ramone

Cunt Submission – Samwise Bateman

Cum Blood Nest

Expat Advertising

Grand Central Blews – Jason Cozza

Some Art by – Gabrielle Bischoff

Silke – Daniel Bratkowski & Jason Cozza

Web Photo Process – Blaine Wyatt Carteaux