Autopoem 6 – Alex Kies

Sometimes I’m not sure what emojis mean 
and this is one of those phases 
but then again and again,
in the future of the country, 
to get out of the house 
or whatever you want to call me. 
You were Q.
No one took it as a joke 
Originally at the library 
before they closed down the road 
way out of my bubblegum.

Thanks Thanks again and again 
and then brown sugar free speech 
or you’re drunk… 
I beseech the silent department. 
Of course, you can take the first step. 
Is there any way to get out of the house? 
or whatever you want to do? 
The neighborhood seemed so normal 
it’s like nothing happened. 
Thanks again and again, 
in the future of the first one of those phases,
the conference room twisted around me.
I’m not going to stop at the store! 
And at the reading this weekend
hopefully I can get you a gun!