Autopoem 9 – Alex Kies

College basketball is back to normal after the big shooting. Stone cold and windy but not all the time. Really like the one that brought me to the bakery. Fraudulent charges are closed today.

Trivial the first time. I’ve never seen it before but I heard that before I see it I have to get a job. Entirely blank stares from the peanut gallery. Feel free to send me a picture of your phone.

Panicky as well. Restaurants near me are crawling with you guys. Edgy guys who have IUDs in their throats. Doctor said she couldn’t get a shot without her meds.

Pulled pork shoulder probably instead of turkey.

Crazy is the best thing about the new guests. Is that a lot of money? I don’t know. What time are you thinking about getting religion?

Abort the first one always.