AWS (Augustine Web Solutions) – J M F Casey

“Issue 5 of Fixtures & Fittings is available now online!

In the feature article this month we look behind the scenes of prestigious property auctioneers – Granthams – plus Senior Partner, Colin Banworth, will be hammering home his top tips for sellers.

Also, in the latest instalment of Passing the List, we examine the pros and…”

Amid writing the update, remembrance of The Omnipost came to him as a shimmering vision; his fingers curled into his palms and his eyes rolled up into his head.

Although he worked in digital marketing, he was not personally interested in online sales funnels, but with the endless serpentines of the blogosphere and social media wastelands. Unlike in physical real estate, where derelict sites may eventually be renovated, online they stood there mouldering for eternity, breeding manifest corruptions and harbouring sinister cabals. It was down in these valleys between great banks of fragmented HTML that he always sought to venture, brought there not by industriousness, but always that type of restless indolence that breeds vice.

It would be long and distasteful to describe exactly how he reached the site where he beheld The Omnipost, it is enough to say that he was led by a growing fascination with imagery distorted by glitch, as a libertine of old may have found pleasure in the corporeal grotesque. The post appeared and he clicked, that is UX rational enough to understand, but what goes against the scope of all analytics is the subsequent user behaviour patterns.

He regrets the imperfections of his organic memory, for the layers of content within The Omnipost have become fused and indistinct. He can only recall that it was as if all posts had become without timestamp, as if all domains had become borderless, hosts divine, and below-the-line comments overflowing with angelic wisdom.

He will never know if someone had engineered the post to appear for a moment, or whether it had spontaneously materialised out of the collective consciousness of the web. After his browser refreshed automatically it was lost forever and never to be retrieved, unlisted in his history. Yet the nebulous sublimity of The Omnipost had been hard coded into his bones, like a genetic memory of Genesis.

The automated ‘deadline approaching’ email set up by the Content Strategist pinged in his inbox and he returned to his labours, feeling rejuvenated after his brief rapture.