because straight a's walkthrough like a crime – Bobbi Lurie

my tiger maple alone
on a ringworm
life is perfection at the end of the ego
worshipping happiness
the color seeking someone to paper
i am life and work and smell of curry
i am pieces of oysters
this cultural annoyance
one physically abusive
may you live them like garbage
i am youth in my problems
i am grateful for the color red
i paint myself in fire
i am migratory like birds
i am youth with my problems
i am life with yellow paint
i am wax
i am talk
i cannot speak for your card of circumstances
i am white soup and circles within circles
this cultural annoyance
one physically abusive
put your here beneath the tree
those who have been alone
whose labor is buried
to be close to my child’s illness
enclosed in our red house
to those who have been alone
our system like a thread means so much
sleep is easier
life is regret
my no friends make companionship difficult
especially after surgery
the shock and delight of visitors
considering all there is to be rid of
i bleach a complaint to match my white blouse
to make me optimistic as those who have manicures
as those who do small talk in categories
there was a daisy person next to the cancer
i am pieces of responsibility
don’t rid me of the burdens
i insist on feeling in the way
my personality is neatly arranged
i paint myself as a surface
i wave but the possibility is physical violence