being sad is sad, bro – Michael O' Brien

the frog and the sad boy

Sad boy goes to a pond. A frog sits there. The frog tells him to cut his fingers off. No says sad boy. I’m gonna start a literary website that seems like it is highlighting others’ work but all the while boost my own profile. The frog says, I think you should cut your fucking fingers off, bro.

emilio sad sad boy tries to break horses

You try to google how to break horses but the lizard people redirect your search to results regarding the breakfast club. The breakfast club, you ask no one. No one is ever around. Fuck this movie, you say to the thousand horses in your mother’s house racing by the windows. They are brown on top and white on the bottom. They are beautiful. They look good. 


You pick the cheese up. You become cheese. You pick the cheese up. You put the cheese down. You become cheese. You put down the cheese.