Birthday Poem – Dylan Angell

I have been an adult for just as long as I was a child.
18 years on both sides.
In school, I felt older than the other kids and now
I feel like a kid when I am around adults my age.
At times I have allowed my brain to get stuck,
tangled in my own stubborn design
but the brain is a malleable muscle
and I will grow stranger yet.

I do know that I have spent much time
pulling away from the known route
and I no longer live in fear
of being pulled back in.
I am living the life I asked for.
Dreams have come true
but dreams must evolve
or else the dreamer has to wake up.

My design has left plenty of room for possibility,
maybe that is what I have done right.

The other day I was walking around Ridgewood, Queens
I heard a hip-hop song coming from a car window,
the voice in the song said:
“I turned my birthday into a lifestyle”

Note to self:
Be kind,
invite others in,
get some sleep,