Black Bath Water – DJ Pendeja


Ease in, fall out

hit hard, no doubt
all bliss, one shot
forget, No. Forgot
one hit, neon light
lay down, don’t fight
two lies, maybe more
blame is yours
fuck twice, learn none
know more, not done
its fate, not yet
place our bets
ease out, run away
much left, can’t stay
was it there at all?
chalk it up to the miserable fall

Walk in The Park
theres always a  part of me [a miserable fucking piece]
that thinks you might 
show up when I take that one 
walk to the park that I know 
so well
[and you infiltrated you 
injected yourself into me
and truly you have no idea what 
route I take, but I believe somehow you do know.
in the part of your soul that i used to 
believe was 
attached to mine]
you know that I go at some 
discreet time
to be alone [[purposefully avoiding you] 
but not really]
and you will fix the broken
thing that fascinated you
[but that is as likely as 
putting the rotten banana peel 
condom back onto an equally 
rancid banana cock like some sort of protective 
seal [the impossibly small distance between us
will keep no one even a little bit safer]]
and this walk to the park
as innocent as anything I’ve ever 
done [read into that]
is always tainted until its ruined
with some new thing
but you’ll still find me there 
every fucking day