Brain Penis – Eris Mohr

who is this how do i say who is this midthought snare simple worthless guise specious guise
sugarcoated the insoluble emblem of the gordian knot this was my doing a footnote in simian
aesthetics a long since forgetting

we stood casting our eyes about for better places to affect an illegal transmission in a public
place, the advance decimation of the thousand yet unborn yet this was not a backalley abortion
no but some amorous foreplay, a welcome

snare simple worthless guise sugarcoated insolubles the doing of the gordian knot this was long
in the making before we had particles subjunctive clauses and split infinitives there was a space
sapir-whorf hypothesis

words with double meanings triple contingent on time & tone, ambience ambiguity bow to the
circumstance irreconcilable wholehearted unrepeated mantra halfhearted bradyphrenia and her
screws in your heart arrested

in the nocturnal torpor of the vagrant unconscious unsound sleep we light the candles to
elucidate the voice to make way for some unbidden caress infinitely suggestive with eyes that
speak volumes between their lackadaisical drone

in this space there was everything including but not limited to the nothing that is not there and
the nothing that is infinitely suggestive simian aesthetics

faith was the first technology

high culture insipid incestuous

finest apathy refined over the generation of blacksmiths preceding and succumbing to the
sovereign prerogative to smash and warp the sapir-whorf hypothesis shop talk reaches out
beyond the tongue to nail and pinion your brick to the brain penis as stiff as a lifesentence,
cocked and ready to remove the milky whites from her naive eyes.

her absent eyes treading over the exposed and fallow landscape of my soul unforgettable

we always speak of botched commerce we always tend to the needy with the gesture of our
iniquitous breast

before you came i was waiting when you arrived i was hating i had fallen through the fissure of
hormones and now my sublime need had aggregated compartments of our own for this latent

like a dumb pupil before an astute teacher

the witness was the sound abolished thick into silence

mereness and prospective

appropriated and modified