California – Maté Jarai

We collided from

different time zones

and went wild 

in this other place

beneath the bridge and in a park 

and found other continents

and then the Pacific 

and we sat there

in the grey sand

watching the birds

before walking some more

headed back in time

because we were kids here once

and then forwards 

because we haven’t been kids

for a while

and into no time at all

it’s just how we are, brother

living in the seams

and from there we slipped

down the kings of hills

and onto sea towers

drifting back 

through the stink

of downtown

passing crazies in camps

and crazies shouting at us

and asking for things

and we just stared at them

because we weren’t really there

we were totally elsewhere

but together somehow

and brother, it wasn’t

just you and I

because when I 

talked you were 

one of two 

who listened

and I waited for 

both of you to respond

and we laughed and

accepted it

and the three of us 

walked all night,

two of us alive

the other leading 

the way.