Campfire Claymore – Barracuda Guarisco

your efforts in making people laugh
are admirable
though can be annoying
for all parties involved

when it comes to apples
and oranges trust
in the organic, the poison even

someone will learn from your brilliant gaffe
not every bite promises a subsequent visit

someone remembered
the baneberry,
& what it could do—

it’s terrible living
paranoid that the nine
might be a six; green,
a purple I’ve started

when people say, in regards
to my wife and I,

“I’m so happy he found

is it because I
insinuate contusions?

am I dehydrated
& making out with
a cactus in the desert?

am I inoffensive
with the way I carry these
laughing, unaware
of my skull’s smiling,
lobotomy wide?

the canteen drops
and there’s no one
to pick it up