Cecil’s Gift – Amir Naaman

Anon von Wuerm presents/ a Sybriss production/of/TRAGIC TREASURES/starring/ Amanda Ampu-tea/ starring/ Sabrina Scarr/ Starring/ Lawrence LePer/ Starring/ Emil Emasculate/ starring/ Lily Limp/ Directed and produced by/ AUGUST SYBRISS.
Amanda Ampu-tea reads newspaper on couch nice Sunday morning nock on door she say who is it cut to door answer Policeman ma’am Amanda put newspaper down has only one hand and no shirt just bra two tits thank god opens door enter Emil Emasculate dressed as policeman a car drives behind him on the street which could be any street in any city perhaps Los Angeles but hard to tell for sure Come in Officer she say Could you help me take this off… and she means her see through white bra hard to take off with only one hand cop gladly helps It’s so hot today she say Thank you Officer she say All part of the job Ma’am he say take off his shirt too What seems to be the problem Officer she ask her eye blue looking deep into his blue eye tempting receiving temptation Well Ma’am we got a call to nine one-one regarding loud noise from this residence do you mind if I take a look around No go ahead goes into the kitchen living room hands manly on his cop belt bedroom holy moly he sees Sabrina Scarr naked on the bed sleeping but then she wake saying Amanda where are you and then sees cop and cover herself like Eve in the garden cop says Sorry to wake you Ma’am I have to check the entire premises he pulls the blanket from her body her body is beautiful she is sixteen under her ribs red scars seem fresh red two on every side parallel to the ribs four in all her pussy shaved nice And what happened here asks cop and Amanda come to stand behind him saying We been bad officer.
1: Chewing the fat

In the makeshift housing complex next to the castle which is High Heaven Boarding School for Art and Sciences at the outskirts of Paris France, two boys; Ned and Arnaud, watched gangbangMILFS at SEXYMAMAS.COM as Cecil Pigoure and Sonja Chavez were at the room next door doing girl things.
Ned and Arnaud finally got bored of the usual late night porn session and turned to a Dutch site that hosted snuff from Mexico. They turned the volume down and once in a while one of them yelled “No fucking way!” as a family was being slaughtered by home invaders, and once an “Eww Gross!” when a tall blond model type cut his Chinese boyfriend with a kitchen knife and ate a part of his thigh.
While the boys in their dorm room were quietly transfixed by images of violence, in Cecil and Sonja’s chamber the girls were drinking Jägermeister, their Thursday night drink, and talked about boys. Sonja did most of the talking because she was the more experienced one; tall, even when she was sitting down, skin like honey, breasts just a bit bigger than the Footballers’ hands, hair long straight and black.
Cecil was sitting on the floor next to the bed, so drunk she could hardly look up at Sonja, laughing and crying simultaneously: “I can’t believe you just said that” she said to Sonja in equal adoration and hate, and Sonja lifted her plastic cup in the air like it was a glass of champagne .
“You better believe it Puta. I told him that if he wants me to suck it he need to shave it. So he says he’s too horny he’ll shave it for me next time and I told him LOL ain’t gonna be no next time. It’s either tonight or never.”
They burst out laughing. Cecil said: “I can’t believe you.” But she believed all right, because Sonja could do just about everything, and tell boys to do whatever she wanted, and they always did it.
“And then you know what he says to me? He says, you got Veet? And I’m like: how the fuck do you know about Veet? you faggot? And he goes about telling me how his sister uses it. and I say hol’ up, you ain’t gonna Veet your way out of this… you want that noodle sucked on…”
“Oh my god!!! You did not say noodle.”
“… if you want that noodle sucked on you gonna shave your balls like a man. So I gave him my razor and he starts shaving it dry, squeals like a girl and I tell him I want it to be SMOOOOTH. And as he shaves I come up to him and slap him, WHAM! On the face. CLAP! Like that.” Sonja slaps Cecil’s face to illustrate. Cecil coughs Jäger. “And he says: shit I cut myself. So I look down and the whole fucking carpet is like filling up with blood, so I’m like get the hell out of here boy, and he’s like you got a Band-Aid, so I go to the bathroom, give him a tampax and he sticks it in his undies and goes.”
“Oh my god that’s super mean.”
“So what about you Pig-whore? When you gonna tell me some boy stories for a change?”
“Oh probably never.” Said Cecil, snapping out of her high. Pig-whore rings harder than any slap on the face. “Boys don’t like me.”
“Well you gotta lose some weight that’s for sure.”
Cecil didn’t respond; not with a word. All she did was look down at the wooden floor between her legs, feeling fat, even though her legs were not her problem. Her stomach was the problem. Her waist was the problem; where all the food she ever ate, (or didn’t eat; just looked at, thought of eating), hid, like in a nuclear bomb shelter, to come out only when everything else is destroyed and the earth is barren, burned and deformed.
“Gurrrl why should someone fuck you, you look like that? Huh? Tell me.” Sonja lifted her skirt, showed Cecil strong honey colored legs. “See? Strong! See?” smacked her thighs. CLAP. “See that’s the way it ought to be. You gotta work at it. It don’t just come, Pigwhore. You gotta work at it! if you want something in reality to change you gotta work on’ it.”
Cecil gulped her Jäger, feeling vomit rising. She held it back and filled another shot. GULP. “Naa… work out never helped me. I can’t change.”
“No. You listen to me Pigwhore. You know what your problem is?”
Cecil’s eyes were red and teary.
“Your problem is that hippy guru father of yours spoilt you too much. He got people to do everything for you. What? You want some servant girl to go to the gym for you?”
Sonja raised her top to show her flat stomach. “See this? What you think I was born with this?”
Cecil, seeing stars for real, maybe this is a revelation, like the revelations her dad talked about, his illuminations after mom died. Needing to vomit: “I…I… I’m not like you Sonja.”
“Puta Madre bitch, my dad just as rich as yours is, but he also told me some stuff about like real life, see?” Sonja lifts her white wide bracelet to show long straight scars running down her wrists. “See?” Filled another shot of Jäger, drank. GULP. Fell on the bed. “I’m so fucking drunk tho’. What day is it?”
Cecil was full of tears and mucus. She mumbled “Thursday,” and her thick saliva turned to bubbles of mumbles. “I mean Tuesday.”
Sonja started snoring on the bed. Cecil rose up, tumbled, rose again, walked to to the bathroom. From drawer: A razor, and then to make-up cabinet, in front of the mirror.
Sonja snoring on the bed behind her, Cecil took off her shirt, noticed her waist is bigger than her tits, and cuts the waist off with the razor, first silently, surprised that blood is dripping but she feels no pain, and after finishing one side, letting the white yellow pieces of fat drop on the wooden floor like wet toilet paper, start with the other side.
She thought she was silent, but she screamed so laud that Ned and Arnaud came running from their room, hiding their erections and banged on the door. “Cecil! Sonja!” came the shouts from the hall until Jerome Denel, the house master came with his rustling chain of keys and opened the locked door.
Sonya was still asleep on the bed, her perfectly round breasts floating up and down with her breaths. Cecil was not screaming any more. She had her mouth full. She was sitting under the make-up cabinet. Jerome Denel caught a glimpse of his horrified face reflecting in the cabinet’s mirror.
Covered in blood, her shirt, previously white, now brown red, lying beside her; two large slits under her ribs, a piece of rib bone peeking through skin as she inhales, her mouth full: chewing on something.
” Cecil. What did you do?”
Cecil, her mouth full, said “I changed my mind… I changed my mind!” and cried while chewing the fat.


Emil Emasculate naked over the bed Sabrina Scarr looking at his big bare hairy chest muscles big pecks 8 pack and all while Amanda Ampu-Tea kisses him close-up of their lips close-up on Sabrina Scarr’s lips she licks them excited her eyes hungry to see more she helps Amanda Ampu-Tea remove her dress her panties and kisses her on the butt comes Emil Emasculate to put his cock in Amanda’s moth but holy moly he ain’t got no cock only scar tissue covered with thick curly black pubes Sabrina Scarr smiles says Wow that a huge fucking scar You’re not so bad yourself answer the policeman Emile Emasculate and smooches wet kiss on her mouth now close up of Amanda Ampu-tea’s lips she is hungry with desire crazy lust with her hand she plays with the cops chest hair and with her non existing other hand masturbates his not-there cock and he climaxes in Sabrina Scarrs mouth and she swallows ectoplasm says umm yummy tastes like buttered toast my mom used to make and Emil Emasculate now that he is free from of his lust tears of his fake moustache and puts on horned rimmed glasses and says in a dominate voice Sabrina you really HAVE been a very bad girl Oh my god says Sabrina Father it’s you.


2: slim and trim
“So where you going honey?” said Bess, tall even when sitting down. Brilliantly tanned, lipsticked, permed, standing out from the desert landscape rolling outside the bus windows. “You seem to me to be on some sort of adventure honey-cake, but you ain’t sure you want to go through with the adventure; so let me tell you something babyface, any adventure is a good adventure. What happened to you over there?” Bess pointed to the bandages on Cecil’s stomach. “C’mon you can tell me. I’m Bess. Bess Seller.”
They were through a hot, low, yellow green landscape on the way to Teotihuacan.
The bus was filled with backpackers from Germany, the Netherlands and Mexicans gazing around, keeping quite. Cecil, who was sitting silently, deep in daydreams, looked at Bess. “Nice to meet you. My name is Cecil. Why do you think I’m going on an adventure?”
“Honey I’m psychic, and not to mention my entire life is an adventure so I know all about it. I recognize that scared and excited face when I see it. I’ve been on so many adventures and it’s about that time that a girl like me would settle down and relax. So now I’m on my way to my last adventure you might say. I’ve done all the adventures of the body and now I’m ready for the big adventure of the soul.”
Cecil kept quiet, trying to imagine the itch of her stich away. “Well,” she said. “I am going to an adventure I guess. But I didn’t choose it. I had an accident… in school. And, well… they sent me back to my father now.”
“You don’t look Mexican sweetheart.”
“I’m not. But my father works here.”
“Going home is one if the hardest adventures there are… going back to your mom and dad after tasting freedom.”
“I’m not really going back home. I’ve never been here. I didn’t see my dad three years. Since my mon died.”
“Aww sweetie I’m so sorry to hear that.”
“It’s ok. It was already a long time ago. So where are you going?” Cecil asked, happy to feel like she is making a new friend.
“My story is a strange one. You could say, darling, that I had an epiphany. Do you know that word?”
“Of course you do. I could see you a smart girl.”
Cecil blushed.
“So I was making a movie back in LA.”
“Are you an actress?”
“yes I am. Adult movies.”
“But honey, I’m not just an actress. I’m a star, so wipe that face off. I’m proud of my career. I worked in a high scale company. They do very upscale stuff. Very artistic. Really. So anyway I was getting fu… I mean I was performing a scene with these two huge black guys, right? And at some point I must have lost conciseness and I had this vision. There was this white light. It was beautiful, warm, loving. A man came to me from the light and I ran to his arms and he said to me; ‘Ralph,’ (Ralph was my previous name). ‘Ralph,’ he said. ‘you are special. You are holy. Everything changes. Come and help me change the body of the world’ “
“Wow. Was that Jesus?”
“No way! I thought so at first too, but I’m Jewish so you see ain’t no reason Jesus would come to me. Anyway, I came-to just as Justin Jizzum came on my face, and the director yelled CUT and we were done for the day. I couldn’t get the face of that man out of my mind. So that’s what brought me here you could say. I was called here you could say.”
“Why here?”
“Well I had another epiphany that night when I went to sleep. My hole hurt so I took a few pain killers and maybe I took too many, or maybe how it mixed with the G from earlier, I don’t know, maybe it was just good old fashioned psychic phenomena (I AM psychic, but I’m never really sure it’s real- real or half real, you know what I’m saying?) Well anyway I fell asleep and BAM”. Cecil jumped, and shooting pain from her stiches made her yell out.
“Sorry for startling you honey, but that’s exactly how it was. like BAM! I was standing under a pyramid right here in Teotihuacan , and the man was there. And he was beautiful and I knew right then that he was real and that I should come to him. So the next couple of days I didn’t have to work and I had me some coffee in a café and right in-front of me I saw a picture of him. Just, oh my god, just like that, in a magazine open right in-front of me on the coffee table. It was, I don’t know, Vanity Fair or some glossy thing like that, and there was an interview with that man, that beautiful man whose name is Armand Pigoure . have you ever heard of him?”
Cecil swallowed and nodded her head, no.
“He was a professor in some bigshot University. Sociologist. He went down to Mexico to meet a shaman and became a shaman himself. He said that the shaman who taught him the mysteries, when he died, he became him. Not like reincarnation or anything, but that their souls merged and he was ALLWAYS him, and oh my god, I knew what he was talking about.”
Bess Seller was getting breathless; her eyes shimmering with inner illumination.
“That sounds really interesting” said Cecil and thought about her father and how she doesn’t even have an ounce of his charisma and appeal. Her mother and her father were always well dressed and slender.
After her mom died, her father forgot about her. Earning all that money from his books, he sent her away to HIGH HEAVEN, where he wouldn’t have to look at her. She was not enlightened. She was not pretty and she was not slim. She just couldn’t eat that raw food and she liked hamburgers… and cheese.
“Baby you seem sad. You should come with me,” said Bess Seller and drew a gentle line on Cecil’s face with her forefinger.
“Go where?”
“To the compound. Armand will take you in. you just see. He’s a good man. He thinks only of others, and how they can transform.”
“Ok, said Cecil, and a tear of hope slid down her cheek. She said: “Ok. I’ll come. Maybe he’ll like me again,” and she meant: now, that she had no “love handles,” that her stomach was more like it was when she was a little girl and her father liked her a whole lot.


Sabrina Scarr is horrified her father found her out and she is going to get punished she say it’s not what you think and he say what do you think I think she say I’m not really your daughter I just look like her and her father points to the corner of the room where her pet pig PIGO is motionless surrounded by watermelon shells oinking at nothing I know it’s you Sabrina because you go nowhere with out your little piggy and now I’m going to punish you like I should have a long time ago How dare you use that body that I gave you to please other man besides me Sabrina cries and say You’re right im sorry father and he puts her head to his groin where she sucks invisible cock and just before father ejaculates in daughters mouth again the door opens and in walks Lily Limp, blond and tall using crotches to walk for her left foot is deformed and says Hello darling family I had the most wonderful day in the museum today we saw some really interesting conceptual studies of genocide oh my god she says when she sees her husband Emil Emasculate satisfying his lust on their mutual daughter Sabrina Scarr while on the side Sabrina’s friend Amanda Ampu-Tea is masturbating with her good hand I can’t be watching this how dare you how dare you say Lily talking more to her daughter than to her husband and without giving it much though takes out of the cast covering her leg a small lady-gun and shoots herself through the mouth her brain gushing out to the white wall behind her bits of flesh slowly oozing to the floor oh no say Emil emasculate he is so distressed by his wife’s suicide that he doesn’t even cum oh no he say again and tears gush from his big eye has the lord forsaken me am I being punished for having a whore of a daughter A dead wife at my feet please o lord have mercy on me for I have never sinned against thee.


3: The sign
The compound was situated a mile from the big pyramid in Teotihuacan, and in the darkening sky a multitude of stars were lit through the dust.
The bus sped off, leaving clouds in its wake; wind blowing them towards all the tents inhaling and exhaling constantly with the currents, waiting for the faithful; all those who were amassed around the compound, each carrying his or her own gods, asking for money, selling whatever they have to sell; marijuana cigarettes, apples, their body or small bibles and beer.
“Come on your knees to her” said a toothless forty year old Mexican women carrying Santa Muerte covered in blue gold cloth. “She saved my child from the prison this Senora de las sombras; this Flaquita; La Huesuda; holy Nina Blanca; beautiful Herman Blanca; white Nina Bonita; La Dama Poderosa; Get down on your knees in front of La Flaca Amen!”
Bess gave the woman a dollar, and the woman left, disappeared into the dust devil, yelling “Oy Donna Bella Sebastiana!”
“What is this place?” asked Cecil while rolling the joints in her legs to restore blood circulation after the long trip. Sand got into her mouth and her stiches burned. Bess took a shawl out of her bag and wrapped it around Cecil’s shoulders. “Here you go darling. This is just a gathering point of all the lost souls looking for redemption. They are just like us, you see? They are all lost souls with a lot of pain. There is nothing to worry about. Look around you, and you can actually see all the pain.”
Cecil looked around and indeed the landscape hummed with pain of all sorts, like heat fuzz steaming from boiling asphalt; women’s internalized and externalized pain; the unique silent pain of men; the pain of small children who lost their arms or legs or eyes in some unknown mine field or a drug transaction gone wrong, playing soccer with whatever limbs they had at their disposal, the setting sun reflecting in their marbled eyes.
“Don’t be afraid and don’t judge their pain. Pain is similar. Pain is a flame we all share. And we all came for the same reason, to lose this pain, because, and it ain’t me, honey, who is saying this; a wiser man than me is saying this (not that I’m a man anymore, thank god). These are the words of Armand Pigoure, who all here came to see. All here came to see how he can transform the pain. You see doll, pain is an illusion we carry around with us in our body. Our bodies, they are illusion too. Hell, I know that more than others. My body used to be the biggest illusion of all. I changed it to an illusion which suits me much better, thank you very much!”
They walked deeper into the compound and reached a gathering of dozens standing near the foot of the great pyramid, talking amongst themselves, cooking meat on portable grills, smoking cigarettes, drinking beers and tequila.
A horn sounded from large speakers, after which a woman’s voice came roaring: “Dear brothers and sisters of mercy truth and endless transformation. We thank you for coming to our celebration of revealing. Your donations will help us go forward and bring more of the light to those living in darkness, more kindness to those in need. Please open your hearts and open your wallets to our brothers walking among you with the orange buckets. When you shed off your illusion, you shed the illusion of pain. Thank you very much and may Armand be with you.”
Cecil spotted the brothers walking around with smiles on their faces and orange buckets in their hands; buckets slowly being filled whatever currency people had: For some it was an earing, taken out of their pierced ears and placed in the bucket; One man chocked the top of his smoking cigar on the heel of his shoe and placed it neatly in the bucket; A little girl of ten saved her baby tooth just for this occasion. After she placed it in the bucket she smiled to show the empty gums.
“You got some cash on you girl?” asked Bess Seller. “I thought there’d be some place I could use a cash machine… I didn’t think it through though, huh? You got some cash you could give in my name? I’ll pay you back.”
Cecil took her purse out of her bag and checked its contents. She had twenty dollars. She gave ten to Bess, and told her that’s all she has to spare. And as Bess started to say thank you, a moan of pain came out of Cecil’s mouth like egg-yolk vomit.
“Honey?” asked Bess.
Cecil lost her footing. The pain was like a heavy load of hot cement. “Honey what is it?”
“it… it’s my scars. Aww.” On the ground Cecil lifted up her shirt. The bandages underneath, covering her stomach, were filling with dark red blood. “It feels like they burst open.” Said Cecil, Her face red, her throat bloated with an unreleased scream.
“Ok honey. Just lie down. I’ll get some help.”
The brothers were close enough now. “Hey! help! Come here.” Bess yelled. One of the brothers, a redhead with chalk white skin looked over. He tapped on his colleague’s shoulder, and quickly they came over Bess, and looked at the child on the ground who was silently convulsing, creating a small mud puddle with her blood on the sand.
The Brothers stood over her. Looking down, and then the redhead said: “Is it her?”
“Yes. I think it is her. As has been fortold. She shows the signs” Said his colleague.
“What are you talking about?” Bess yelled “You got a cell phone? Call an ambulance. Or a doctor. or something. You must have a doctor here.”
“She does not need a doctor mister. She’s the one we have been waiting for. She is showing the signs of the spirit of truth. Armand Pigoure can now start the ritual.”
While the redhead was talking with Bess, his colleague was speaking on a walki-talkie, saying “It’s time.” Saying “We have the sign.”

4: The Gift
Bess Seller followed them as they took Cecil into a tent by the toilets. They told her she cannot go in, but they have reserved a place for her at the bottom of the pyramid where she would be so close to the happening, she would practically be a participator.
She nodded and told them to take care of the girl, and they said of course they will. She is the receiver of the gift. They will not let anything bad happen to her.
She went to her place near the steps of the pyramid and as the sun set, and red light lit the top of the pyramid, her heart started throbbing. A man appeared at the top. He was wearing a large white robe with a red belt across his waist.
The crowd yelled like one single organism thirsting for water.
Armand Pigoure was that man. Pigoure in the flesh. But he was a different Armand than the one appearing in interviews or on the back sleeves of hardcover books. Unlike the beautiful slender man with the dark hair and the constant five o’clock shadow of the pictures, this Armand was a very fat, balding, his skin clammy white. You could see the sweat twinkling on his upper lip even from the bottom of the pyramid. Next to him a girl stood. It was Cecil. She was also wearing a robe of sorts. Bess could see that her bandages were replaced with new ones.
“Children.” Said Armand through a small microphone attached with tape to his cheek. The crowd roared. “Thou knowest that life is but mere illusion. A theater show played for the amusment of the Evil Gods. But tonight we shall break free from this wretched spectacle. Unlike the god of old I shall not ask of a victim from my followers…”
A woman screamed from the crowd: “Armand!!” Cheering followed.
Armand continued: “Nay! I shall be the victim!”
Armand pointed to Cecil, standing beside him. The crowed became silent, mumbles among it: “Who is that?”
“This here is my only child on the face of the earth. The child is a part of me, multiplied for love’s sake!”
The crowd cheered with ecstasy.
“My Darling child came all the way from old, cold Europe to be with us today.” He now turned to Cecil and said to her “Nothing of what has happned to you is an accident. It is all a part of the large theater of the gods. For you, my child, I bestow the gift of truth. See me, oh my child as I turn to my true self!”
The crowd, again, beside itself with excitement.
A woman with an Ibis head came from the other side of the podium, in her arm a crescent shaped sword.
Armand sat down on the top of the steps while a recording of drums beat on the loud speakers.
He raised his head and the Ibis Headed woman swung her sword with precision and might and Armand’s head was sliced off. The last breath was still hanging on his lips as his head started bouncing down the steps.
Cecil screamed in shock and the crowed, unlike her, was dumb with disbelief. Bess at the bottom gasped , hands to mouth when Armand’s head slowly rolled down the steps, sounding like an apple falling.
The crowed started panicking, running around, presumably trying to look for ways to help their master. Bess stayed still, waiting for the head to reach the bottom of the Pyramid. But when it was almost there Bess could see it was no longer a head falling down those high steps, but rather a baby pig, covered in sticky blood, oinking with pain, until it reached its resting place, on the ground at her feet.
The people around her were too panicked to see what was going on. She picked the pig up and held it secure under her arms.
The Ibis headed woman disappeared, and Cecil, crying, blood oozing from her sides again, jumped down the stairs after the head of her father, whose body slumped back, lifeless at the top.
“Come here girl” said Bess.
“Daddy!” yelled Cecil.
When she came down Bess held her with all her might and said “Listen honey, dad’s gone. We have to get out of here.”
Cecil didn’t argue. She let herself be led by the ferociously strong Bess Seller far from the crowed. Gunshots were heard. Screams and fireworks.
They reached the bus station. The next bus would only come tomorrow at noon. They had a long night ahead of them. Hopefully Cecil would stop crying.
“Why didn’t you tell me he was your father?” asked Bess.
“I didn’t think you’d believe me. Him being who he is, and me being me.”
Bess said nothing to that. She took out the pig from under her arm and showed it to Cecil. “Look who I found.” She said to her, and for a moment Cecil stopped her weeping.
She looked at the frightened, blood covered pig, its small eyes and jumping nose. Cecil touched behind its ears. “I know exactly how you feel Pigo.” She said to it.
Bess put her fake Dolce bag behind Cecil’s head so she could lay on the ground and use it as a pillow. “You go and sleep now honey.” She told her. Cecil lay down with Pigo in her arms. “You sleep now and tomorrow you’re going to come with me back to LA. I can get you a good job there. You can work with me. You won’t feel so different there. You’ll like it. We can make movies together. You can tell me all about your life story and nobody will judge you. But Right now you should sleep.”


Emil Emasculate cry near his wife’s body his daughter Sabrinna Scarr holds Pigo near her heart and says to him you know me better than anyone else darling Pigo I love you and I know you don’t judge me if you were not an animal I’ll give all my love to you because you don’t even know what I am you don’t know I’m a human being or a girl for that matter all you see when you look at me is something that loves you and there is no better point of view to have in the world but to only see love and not see the one doing the loving so there you have it Pigo that’s what I believe in a few sentences and I didn’t even graduate from high school now I shall leave this house because I have no more room here I love you Pigo and as far as I’m concerned we can start a new life together as husband and wife More or less
she kisses Pigo