Civil Liberties – C.J. Christine

Hell by Candlelight

Hell is a bird that sings. Hell is the sound of a song. Why do they play that same music everywhere I go?

Even if I’m waiting for a glass, or nibbling on a piece of cheddar.

Or waiting for my flight

 I hear it.

I can’t possibly just listen to nature.

So I listen to the sounds that man has failed to repent


Failed to even recognize.







My plumping serum

I had to revoke my organ donor status for personal reasons

But tomorrow I’m gonna dress up real nice

And I’m gonna rob that place


It’ll be a daytime look

light makeup

smooth face


I’m not gonna wear no leather

and definitely not no lace


I won’t bring a gun

I’ll leave my friends a note

But I won’t tell them where I went

No time, no place


First I’m gonna die my hair Auburn

People aren’t too crazy about that color

So maybe I’ll have a better chance – turning the other cheek


I can cash out at the register

somewhere else first

I’ll make sure they know I got plenty of wads


I’m gonna walk right in

I’ll nab that bitch in the face


Cause you know this ain’t no rookie shit

I’ll kill that girl

later I’ll spray her down with a yellow can of mace


All this and I’ll get my $72 plumping serum

I’ll have gotten my chance

No means no, and yes means yes

This is how you save the human race  



Americana Penny Squares


god bless the country i was born in

god bless my hair dye

god bless the color of my skin


god bless me



I’m going to McDonald’s


I’m going to McDonald’s and I’m not inviting you

I’m wearing a leopard face mask and not showing any tattoos

I’m going to McDonald’s

And I’m going to get there first

I’m going to McDonald’s

The place of my unborn child’s birth

I’m going to McDonald’s

The retards will cry out why


I’ll have you know


Serves organ meat and it’s the healthiest part of the cow




Eternal Damnation

Wrath by God, Cinderella slipper

Tempered podium

Rustic patio


My position


Country don’t make brides

Rock music laid it all out


Country Can’t Make Me

Lie it all out


Severed she was

Blankets in the fire


Seven years she did

Beat up all desire


Just a little bit younger

Just a little bit longer


But Mom, I can’t teach you how to sing




Asia Dissent

They were a couple

Of Southeast Asian descent

They sat on a bench made of milk crates and plywood with an accent fabric

a color like iris

They were eating a $24 steak in the middle of the street

No crosswalks here, buddy

Not in Israel

And not in this fucked up town





Lazy Susan


What about me? Well I had a perm in 1984. I’d sip espresso at the table with an ak47 in my lap. “I love Italy” written on my t-shirt, right across my tits. Christian Violence, I’ll accept it.

Respectful horny trucker, that’s just John Lennon’s father.

Paradise of Bachelors, new found bachelor anthems.

I’d get married in a pantsuit. I’d get married in a blouse. I’d have 10 kids, even if they’d make me feel bad. Bradshaw and Tonto, our sons. They’ll be cops with benefits, just the reality of my colonizer family fantasy.

Beach boys said be true to your school, but the Beach Boys used to sleep in my room.






Vons Bathroom Malibu

Code 002266

Don’t ask me for anymore beer





Polyester is highly flammable

We were driving and got to a stop light. I looked out to the right of me. I really liked the building with the black walls and the gold hollowed out graphics of men wrestling stretched out lining the top. In the middle, a colonial archway. I imagined myself getting photographed under there in spandex but then I remembered that part of town would be in flames in the amount of time it would probably take me to get the pic taken. And spandex is kind of a dangerous thing to wear. Polyester is highly flammable.