Concrete Mixer – Liu Xingli

Stuffed Toys

A lady came to H&M
To buy new year gift for friends
Liked a stuffed toy immediately
Head of an antelope
But back humped up
And covered with a round floral cloth
Later she liked
A green dinosaur
Too lovely to be
A carnivore
She also wanted a stuffed toy of
Her own
In the heap at home
None was hers
She had neither when she was small
Dinosaur, mixture of
antelope and camel
which suits a 44-year-old lady
to hold till sleep

Concrete Mixer

Almost every morning
He is peerlessly anxious
Like a concrete mixer
Day and night no-stopping
Today he abruptly
The power supply in the brain
It actually
Out to work after a while
Saw bicycle saddle wet after rain
Needed to fetch its cover
He returned home
Saw a concrete mixture
Sneaking away
From nearby


The second item is guessing a riddle. In the picture
Several green chilies in a bowl.
Chilies outside too. Far behind the crowd
Raise a hand and says
Let me guess. Things get worse. The host
Says that’s right. A dream one hour ago.


something leaped in the fog
thought it a dog
two deer
entered the wood
more and more faraway
in mobile’s camera
two white spots
beside birch
butts of deer
are white

Go Out

Saw dentist today
Step by office. Office plants grew well. All framed by metal frame. Facial mask box empty while went upstairs.
Refilled while came downstairs.
Grass still green while ride bicycle along the way. And saw two pheasants.


right at nine AM
beggar lady sat
outside a grocery
IT girl came out
Hands empty
Not bought plastic bowl
Old women in the street
Blocked the way
Cannot hear bell of bicycle