Construction Supervisor Terrified of Being Caught in the act of Reminiscing by his Staff – Jesse Prado

I just have a lot of good memories you know
And bad actually that I like to look back on every now 
And again
And in my line of work you just 
You just can’t be out here like that

Staring off into space 
Looking back on all the good times
For better 
Or worse 
Thinking about things from the past 
Living there
Staying stuck
Trying to hold on to whatever memories we have left

Or at least me
I mean I’m the only one out here like this
There isn’t anyone out here like me
No way
No fuc-
Can we swear
No friggin way


Just no way in hell
And I mean
Cause I’m working out here w guys that have been to prison you know
They were facing damn near twenty five to life 
More specifically on this project tbh w you
Out here on these brownstones 
The friggin scaffolding
And you know what actually one of them caught me the other day 
That’s right
One of them caught me right there out on that ledge if you wanna follow my finger out to where I’m pointing 
And I’m gonna tell you right now
I’m gonna tell you right here 
And now that it wasn’t pretty you know
I mean it wasn’t easy to get through 
And neither was the rest of the shift you know
Giving me shit 
Like what do you need a tissue
All day 
And down
And again I’m not one of them you know

I’m the supervisor 
I’m seeing over this project 
That’s right
Believe it 
Or not
My reputation is at stake here
I’m highly revered 
And respected in this industry 
Been for a long time
So you see the stress I’m under
And I can’t imagine how many ppl on
And offsite caught wind of this
How many colleagues
How much word is getting around
I’m gonna have to transfer
No way in hell
No way in heck I’ll ever be able to show my face here again

I won’t tell you what I’m thinking about when it happens
That’s private 
That’s for me 
That’s going w me to the grave 
You understand me
It was the election
Twist my arm
Friggin Pence