Contemplation on Creation – Hestia N/A

A Temporary Eden


Spiritual Bodies committing mass ritual suicide
Energy burning forth, across, all over
Consuming the surrounding dimension in flame
This mass execution in honor of what?
Dimensional divide cut open, new life born forth
Astral, Physical have become one
Individual existence breaks down
No one could have prevented this
No one can stop this
Existence is merged into one whole
A primordial soup
Garden of Eden recaptured
Language destroyed, all is one, one is all
Lknnnnm,n ,mna,sdnwwwnm
Loooiiemmm kkljemnm,…
Lkjasldfkjkkkkk Original
Done and done again
Time after time, world after world
Man makes his fateful choice
Dimensions re-fragment
The Garden rises into the Heavens
Away from the clutches of Man
As we resign ourselves to our self manifested purgatory
Someday, Sometime
We may start over



The Final Martyr


I rest here now in my final moments
As my vision fades I pray
I pray for salvation, forgiveness, an end to my turmoil
Lonely, shunned for most of my existence
I hope my martyrdom proves this pained life to have had meaning
Dreams of man united in God
Falling down, down, down, down
into the tunnel of light
Like a pilgrim blinded by the beauty of some age old temple
I am blinded within a realm of forms
Passing on
I feel my sins washed away with water, snow and hail
Cleansed of sin as a white garment is cleansed of dirt
Leaving behind the ashes and echoes of my existence, my soul drifts on to something better