Convulsions – Jonathan Hine


a charismatic wound


hearing the language behind 
the words on the fringes of 
exhaustless expressions of 
changing light involving 
cathedral crystals that shine 
with the original light of 
cascading karmic carnage 
of millions of solar returns raising 
a harmony out of 
so many different tones and 
withdrawing from the things 
which tell the universe what it will do
until the dream and its elements dissolve 
only to be sent back for 
further instruction and 
inured to the hardness of heart to 
depart then graciously as 
death itself clouds yesterday causing fundamental disharmony 
to the indwelling spirit by
volatile recourse to divination 
besieging the vortex that races within the seemingly mundane violet
cut of clouds
lest they should offer violence and be 
wiped out forever from 
the depth and immensity 
of the very fabric of creation



avala te pilule


forgetting as vomit is eaten and heaved up again and again
rising with the simple systemic debilities that bore into the head
towards thoughts that gently trickle out, a delicate twitch through the nerves
faint gleams gather and glide past
the dead are signing off as 
such-and such, 
now at ease, away in 
some other town