D.H. Lawrence on Drugs – beat56

Jim Morrison beard is power

A Jim Morrison beard is power

growing a L.A. Woman beard is power

growing a beard of anonymous blue eyes is power

sun beard is power

metamorphosis beard is power

growing a Jim Morrison beard is power


downdream the drug

in the morning trees behind

Mountains of needles – jacking the

sun up – waterfall intravenous

mainlined – the opium poppy

diamond drug mind – snort the

starlight looking up lying

downdream the drugs that awe

-awe the drugs that dream- always

waiting for the sun


be spring

like spring yellow sun

before summer

like spring in warmth

and brightness

these winter souls shall

wither with the sun

of spring beauty


Bonsai poet

      when the words

don’t come

bonsai quiet solitude high

watching the sun

blossoming and nourishing

new shoot stoked

Japanese maple  soul


A poem comes thru the 

trees with the sunlight

but the poem is too

beautiful to write

a poem runs down thru the river

with the nightingale but the song is 

too beautiful to sing

the muse crashes down with the

waterfall but the muse is too

spiritualized to the ear

the sun muse comes fire through

the trees and sun crystal sparkld’

with the rivers flow and shadows 

the waterfall nightingales flight

the spirit of beauty come opiated

from the white page to my poetry’d