Demented Giantess – Karina Bush

Sonnet III


A demented, lovely, sly boy calls
He sits deep in his own secretive heat
I think about his body and his neck
A tranquilizer, a soft avalanche
We inhale our phones, chain-smoking shirtless
Eyes legs chests heavy—hazy translucent
Nerves, aching air, talking about nothing
Lightly, and a confession detaches
Misshapen, but we know what it stands for.
Pre-birth, my mother line carefully placed
A fix in my spine, and you unlock it
As I unlock your fathers—we come up
Fuck above a pathological world
Neither of us want to be a part of


Sonnet VI


Drunk giantess, reclined and increasing
Expansion—my bitch-aura pumping hard
Know he feels me, I’m gravitational
Having another petrol-throated rush
He is a famine victim, malnourished
Of vitals, tied to mediocrity
Skin and bones, living in head images
Proud man full of weakness and debating
Which weakness to overcome. A stubborn
Pus-yellow organ shutdown—she is dry,
A fraction—how to admit it—he can’t
Without skinning his arms and legs in the
Pilgrimage to me, where he could bask in
Dawn that never comes, stabs to his ego