double stroke roll – Jonathan Hine

more poise than a cigarette 


astounding ghosts feed on my kindness as hell desires her serpentine beauty like long lighting energy 


tightly forming cellular rays violently disturbs the penumbra vaulting an engaged eclipse 


teeth hang loosely 


attuning to imitation expressions binding the inclination to urge turbid and partial proliferation of the surrounding receptors


desired protocol bears pointed teeth and fitful 


extrasensory inscriptions 




when the heart last inhabited a solid pattern


cranial flames flower the corporal groove sounding unknown motion with luminous precision 


dreams sound in precision broadcasts passing low needle nerve hues 


holographic groove compositions roar into forceful hues


burning away maimed corporal tones


precision ashes

vapor offered

a forceful utterance in a dream


all eyes saw you pass for dead


endearingly celestial and

intermittently corporal