Dreams From My Bones – Xane Kemp


pale feather flames
ignite the skies!
new life begotten
old life forgotten.
hearts fixed like stones upon our heads.
bloody tears fall from Heaven.
the world yearns for change.
our souls scream for absolution.
God cries quietly.
leaving us to our fate
don’t cry for life lost!
cheer for Earth’s rebirth


Let my blood be drained from this sickly sinner’s rotting visage!
Take your sacrosanct knife, sharpened against the grindstone of salvation!
And gut me with the rest.
So that our innards and ichor may fill the God shaped absence in this world
I pray we may reunite in Eden’s rebirth my love.


I hope when they find my decomposed flesh I’m blushing
When they see my works they weep
Dancing golden light rays of infinite forgiveness bake all that’s left of me into the dirt under your boots
The ashes of my soul drift into the wind
Now nothing remains but the smoke of memory.