Duh Simulation – Shae Sennett


If there was writing on the wall
I would not see it.
If there was writing on my phone
then I would probably see that though.
If words were real I would talk all the time.
If God was real I would tell him
About how I have a deviated septum.
If I try to inhale through my nose like a Buddhist
My head honks and whistles
while it suffocates.
If I learned sleight of hand tricks
I could be a pick pocket
or a bar mitzvah wedding birthday wizard,
Whichever I choose.
If I was a magician I’d have so many secrets. Like
If my ex-boyfriend puts out a song with no lyrics
I still have to listen to see if it’s about me.
If a little voice whispers to me
“kill yourself while the world watches”
Which subreddit do I post that in? Ask me anything…
If a tree falls and no one is around
Am i still a bad person?
Yes. You are definitely a bad person.



I fell into a labyrinthian mindfuck palace
of cocaine and cars and paycheck-to-paycheck petit bourgeois
and now I can’t get it up… How can I let my soul be drained
by the vampiric sucky suck of the night so easy?
Trudging to the train feeling sorry for myself
cuz I wasn’t deigned a deity in some hokey’s autofiction.
Mumbling to myself about how pathetic he is —
so pathetic, to have gone home at a human hour,
and stop living, to write about life while I’m living that shit,
O.D. on discourse in babber-fuelled babble tower,
straight line-shaped socratic seminar,
screeching bad faith takes to no moderator,
gravelly voice like a gavel — Ohmygodthey’relistening.
Why do I claw for eyes, then shrivel from them
like a coy little cock in the cold? Boring question.
Next question. Not a good enough question.
Obvious answer. No answer. Boring answer.
Line? Oh, yeah. Wordless answer. Next line.
Oh, are you doing line of consciousness?
Cool, yeah. I heard of that. Heard that
____ line


Platonic Ideal 

What is it about me
I crave the cave
A flickering image…
Giving my sims humongous tits
Coveting their poreless visage
Driving through virtual San Andreas
Just a little joyride
Clear my head…
Clear my pores with Sophie’s Choice exfoliant
Get ready with me, get ready with me!
Welcome back. Hmm, today I will
Make Euphoria Cassie from blob-girl clay
Leave fabulous Manhattan party
Watch Sex and the City
Return some videotapes…