Dulce – Mika Hrejsa

/ a date night spent firing pink tracer rounds glancing off beer bottle curvatures / the field behind dad’s garage bathed in girly fairy fires / letting budweiser aluminum bleed / ashing our cigarettes to radio wails / in-between frequencies discharging reverse reptilian speech /

/ in camo flip-flops / kicking our feet up / lawn chairs suckled by magenta moss / muzzle sweeping empty-mag uzis / across the sky pretending we’re nailing crow corpses to the clouds / making passing UFOs spill their guts on suburb roofs / using silent bullets (for the quiet nothing) / Mysterious Liquid Corrodes Through Local Man’s Skull! / Hahahahaha! / laughing past each other looking lovingly past each other / caressing past each other / i feel like my only anchor to day-to-day is uncanny blood /

/ it’s date night! / our lips rot together in soft kisses / crying melty gold into each other’s throats / your beauty past all the heat / hilting you inside my jaw / slitting our chests with hollowtips / wolves covered in ancient dirt falling in love / i carved my name in your gun a long time ago / 

/ draconic somethings coming to take me away from you / heel turn unloading the empty magazines / forces born off event horizons / a sun from the time of sacrificial tributes swallowing me up / I won’t forget the taste of your metal behind my jaw / it’s date night, after all /