Dustbowl – Rachel Kass



curtailing physiology 

away breath, red dome 

the porous remembrance 

in every stone 


the elevator closed, is this death?

snow falls in ash form, i 

think of the ovens


of Beatrice

1944 Auschwitz 

she visits me as 

i bathe.

i cry blue water and she smiles,


you can be your own.

reality doesn’t fit inside 

a trapezoid or 

one person’s mind



Love Alone


forearms in vase

skin tarp nerves on


left reactions discard in

blue saran wrap, greatest generation


second world war shrapnel,  

humanity blame, male gaze battle fame


hold breath – pass graves, 

oiled eye in hollow casket space



Meeting You Was Like Meeting Me 


“Heaven is precisely 18 inches in front of us”

The cabbie laced long fingers straight up

palm against the fuss, a transient wall.

“Humans, too stuck in the molasses of stigma

collectively carry a ripple effect, 


thanks to fuck ups in roped burlap and fur

who took for granted 

the apertures of our irises 

20,000 years ago, I’m sure”


Now the must needs filling 

it’s a passing fad

meeting the silence

that New Jersey cabbie had



Tired Circle for The Lost Remaining 


sordid mishegas 

ever womb


still flux

membrane confusion 


if i agree with you, am i acceptable?

teething off warmth in


survivalist fantasies 

sleep paralysis plumps 



rug-grass-wall- blanket-face-tight


internal nightmare fear lie

bruises in morning


the size of 

something coming 



Rocking Lair


doubt lines 

winking past 

future truth


desire hide 

throat tight

as signal



of cold nights 

between catharsis 




Storm in a Glass of Water


tired of telling myself 

positive thoughts i don’t feel

rewired brain 



the right way is lost the right way is not 

a way at all the right way will cost the right way is 

however i begin to begin with



Get Your Shit Together


tinged finger spider fried

green seams tearing 


down center of sternum

overflowing. where


is a feeling 

i only dream


stained covering over 

nocturnal regarding 



without the turned key