Dusted in Eternity – beat56

Death Drug Poets

death drug poets de Quincey into eternity smoke mirrors and the sun
for beauty
wild bright lonely dream
in the land of the poets sensualists
nepenthe their ordinary existences
for doomed extasy
on heapd’ wings of fire delight
sovran melancholy the barterd’ muse
awaits in half death dark rooms of
nothingd’ pleasure fadeing drug
comedown disintegration
all poets get old everyday
the death of young beauty


expand into the void

Silence books loneliness love
expand into the void
be drugged’
lover of highness
eyes aglow indoors
amphetamine Buddhism
heroin zen
Coca Cola shadow
I conspire to conceive
my intellectual beauty end
on the drugd’ throne
the stoned dethroned


Drug Poetry


drug poetry is a dying art

the high clouds are for the poets


there are still odes to be dream

written in the night

like the sun coming up like a drug

of the lonelynight stars

like loves eyes and if beauty

is eternal poetry shines

invoked oblivion is a dyingart




When you use the muse you can

quickly develop a tolerance, which

means that you will need to take

increasingly greater amounts of the

muse drug in order to experience

the desired effects. Continued

misuse of the muse means that you

are also likely to become addicted.


Muse withdrawal symptoms may

only last a week or so, but the

symptoms can be severe and




Abdominal pain






Muscle spasms

Cravings for drugs


Within hours after the muse effects

have decreased, the addict’s body

begins to crave more. If he does

not get another fix, he will begin to

experience withdrawal. Withdrawal 

includes the extreme physical and 

mental symptoms which are

experienced if the mind is not

given another fix of poetry