Dynamics of Flame – Chris Moran

Carry High the Flame

carry high the flame and carry it forward

if the flame is off balance, we must calibrate the flame
to capture the original flame
and the purity of the flame

the flame is mine
it is *my precious*

religious flame
beautiful flame
flame of vision
flame of the key

I am one of them
one of the keepers of the flame

when I view people, I see metallic vibrating shells
slightly fuzzy and glowing
the color changes in size and shape
sort of bronze-like, sort of like the flame
I don’t know what this means

but when the flame grows inside
then the blessed ambience
and subtle tonality
of the graceful dancing flame
and the wondrous essence of the flame
restores the original flame

keepers of the flame
elemental in being
extend their hand
and guide me

I was led astray
other golden path initiates viewed me with suspicion
I had to prove my worth by other means

it was then
that my own role
in the cosmic endeavor began to deepen

inside the flame
inside the flame of fire

Healing With Flame

I am obsessed with flame
and the healing language of flame

the words of flame extend outward
intuitively into the heart

flame begets flame
the flame moves invisibly

it is an invisible flame
a flame that can heal

flame of transfiguration

the pulse of flame
the reflexive nature of flame

when I feel the flame, oh brother…

angels of flame appear to me in flames
in a dream about flames
the flaming angels appear
and place a flame in my heart
a flaming rose

sacramental flame
living flame
Olympic flame

darkness fears the flame
I cry into the flame