Epistemic Epidemic – Renny Ramone

I tend to smoke a lot of dro,
its not illegal though,
it’s medicinal.
You see when I was in college
I contracted this condition called knowledge
I know that I’m alive
and surely one day I will die
and that the whole notion is quite contrived.
I know that economy is in a recession
and it is without question
there is not a single stock I’d invest in.
I’m sure somewhere there are children all alone
fighting for a bone
and going to school to make my iPhone.
I know the universe is expanding
the tension is demanding
and all about the moon landing.
I know theres weapons of mass destruction
and corporate corruption
inside every political construction
not to mention the judicial obstruction
and disparity of economic consumption
that’s causing a social eruption.
I know that life’s a gas
and the only thing to do is laugh,
so my doctor said son, get high off your ass.