Eradication Experiment – S.M.H.



from may until july  jason lisa matt and sarah  all went missing 

 the egg mass shows the direction they were led in 

 wood all had faces 

 each pointing a different direction 


 -there is a rate of release— 


each will be led back home  

each wearing a different face of wood  

the skin will have been grafted onto something else 

 there is nothing more pregnant than the time between 

when they leave 


 when they come back  


for 8 weeks nails will fall bloodied onto floor 

the carpet will grow tears from the pacing  

the little strands will catch the toes of all their loved ones  









with meditation the loss of life will no longer seem so fearful or so long  


the dogs will screw over the bodies in the woods  

they will roll and penetrate one another over the juices left  


this is an eradication experiment  

how much of self can be forgotten,stripped,ran through

left to die  

or mold up in the wet leaves



Sun contagious//rendered pig slab white// murder stretches color//melting glass sits vertical to eyes//breed of sticks thread thinning blood//water rises in coughing Mass//inflamed took our Heaven//fear dipped below seeing//curried veins jet through Other body//beautiful in the losing of our faith//your canal filled leaves//mine dirt//mired blood//lick the sewer of you// caked in me your love not erased//cradle limbs//penetrate horror//wipe me soft—convulsed in film—horse foam sleighing onto pavement//lather in blindness//homicides stacking through absence



blue smoke muted a sun fogging exhaust drilling into my crookedness//everything comes back//pull the rope down I will lace it sweet I will place their heads I will place their heads I will. Black stones placed on eyelids fluttered velvet//in their mouths//stuffed down their gob// weighing down stupid corpse body dead before the struggle//flay the soft buttocks flay the soft longer spread of fear jumps the wind forward//drew a gun on the paper—blew your head off—ate the bright— fondled the world sore to feel alive ——-////—— —-///— this is the no i spoke —-//——–//// belly is rutting musk covers woven limbs the spray spurts bleeding puts me frantic//— – (This is the Word as it blows through the ears) —–this is a total death—-— —it is all one body——- every pigeon croaked and groaned and begged to be let go//pain was so it was so hurt//juice dribbled out of ears eyes nose mouths mouths the begging of bread filled up their lungs//spoil the flowers on the shelves—rot the fruit—scrape our loins//the things we have to live with are dead and dead they will be forever as long we are alive to live them or as long as everythings not dressed in fire//a trillion dead birds claw towards heaven//flecks of blood hit the eye//the way to freedom//hard black shit//maggot heat of drooling blood/ /stuffy swell of fat fat marbled fat swollen into the swell of a thousand waves breaking on the shore// drowning every dream you dreamed through nights dark and sheared of sleep—nights spent wearing cigarette holes black and tiny as beetle eyes in the hardwood—spent swimming through old picture books full of memories not ill or sick or cancer ridden beds full plastic for when your grown dad shits and pisses himself and apologizes for the spill—embarrassed and guilt worn and worn down from every second the poison pumping through his veins ——— brain dimpled pork at the feasting—drunk in terror as the frosting spread—pink and gummy drowned them in it—through the marrow— every cell tripling—lump large as smoldering metal//wretch//cough and cough bloody tissue wet with phlegm and viscera O HOLY LANDS KEEP SCREAMING—JELLO BLOOD BETWEEN THE THIGHS— SHAKY AND SHIMMERING IN BURNT OFFERING OF SUN —————————– Clocks simmer paranoid//rattle and this binkie I will teethe//this plastic i will teethe//this nipple gnawed till the spurting starts// the bleating// it crows from me// I know someone is inside me writing these words and writhing ugly in its shadow ——————————————————— —– Everything gnawing inwards//molars aching in the effort//HOT DROVE THE NAILS IN COLORED LIGHT//atmosphere weighted lead and metal//sun stroked//lolling of necks //breeze through chimes plays a slower version of fear—wall of sound drunk in death-soft muslin hanged on trees like funeral wreaths— EVERY DREAM AN EXECUTION//lick the blindfold//salt in the neon night