Erstwhile Ephemera – Jonathan Hine

i hereby renounce the capacity to be attacked


cigarette through fingers undefined
calloused palms
enfolded completely
letting always from my weakness
& in this way, 
it lay there now, concentrated 
the kernel in itself, 
a false resurgence.
set face to face under hemispherical 
swift passes in the air
out of terror for its
hallowed combustion
& towards the sky
clotted screams
will merge


bukowski spoke of the gods


inner crescent outlines metastasize according to the grandeur of the 
reverberating god’s 

empty angelic clarity

with the soft haze of 
outpouring bones they 

smother landscapes with highly flammable dreams and 

interwoven wave apparatus

deep dark fusion tones 
spiral unconscious

as every conjecture of chance acts as a conduit 
for the force of circumstance


Previously Published in Cavity Magazine


an inward light

of the 
shines through 
this real world 
location with 
multiple exposure
time images 
lightly flowing 
sharper focus
at 6 to 12
per second


Previously Published in Academy of the Heart and Mind


death held a rose


the lifted death-head grinned
stiffened whiteness
and passed into smoke
the empty act was now dispersed, 
come out and 
let go of
probably something
someone once did 
by someone 
it used to be
no reason to be 
standing there
without even 
a resemblance 
to human woe, 
though possibly 
still imposed upon
by a limit 
on infinity


Previously Published by Horror Sleaze Trash