Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit: The Annihilationist's Cookery or Nihilum Cooking for Deviant Folks – Lee Levinson

A manifesto in consideration for the anti-aesthetics of art in food.

You see, or will eventually come to, most people want their food, their expression, their physical representation of what lies beneath to be the perfectly picked apple in the garden, the dew still glistening upon the waxy skin calling to mind the virginal offering to you: the eater, the consumer, the audience.
We stand shadowless to negate that pristine standard of high society engaging in art for pay. We want to prove the beauty in decay, the breakdown, the de-evolution of life to not only step out of but to overshadow that which has manipulated the philistine to expect sheer cleanliness as a sanctimonious falsehood. Keep in mind all food ends the same in the porcelain god we genuflect to in idolatry. When your mind is in the gutter the body and all it encompasses follows with no halt.

Rules for creeping past the sleeping

1) Plating is a surfacey, bourgeois, scratch and sniff easy way out of suicide amongst the condemned. A last minute ditch to present mediocrity as a beholder of actual vision. A repetitive matrix of modality limited to those willing to study contemporary culinary giants for no more than 10 minutes. We scarf at your shabby chic. We vomit in the direction of the atrocities set forth through the select few regurgitating problematic solutions to the question of sexy slop to withstand.
2) Seasonality is but an excuse to perpetuate nature. Deny yourself that which a supposed God intends. Consume the inedible until consumption regains public status amongst the DSM slinking sphinxes on display for your every swipe.
3) Cleanliness as a sanctimonious falsehood is pure puppetry, widespread doctor doctoring the handshake to present void-less cardboard cutouts with ooohs and ahhhs. Whites are to be banished from the table, the kitchen, the dining area, the lavatory, any exterior surface in the mindset of the hungry. Welcome the nada. The presence of piety is never to be acknowledged in the nil’s cookery. In fact the notion of such is to be openly scoffed at/ villainously apprehended and snuffed out publicly.
4) Hunger is vital. Come and leave as you are but remain hungry. Devotion to the lacking implores only the serious. Satiation is to be regarded as a matter involving only those with beliefs unattainable beyond the plate and those who entertain such frolicking floral impossibilities are not to be entertained in the least bit. The endgame is to dig past the pits perimeter to engineer a deeper well than previously hypothesized.
5) Absurdism is to be tolerated in as far as nonsense does not entertain the audience i.e. customers, staff, critics and/or purveyors of the water buffalo.
6) Sex is ever pervasive.
7) Filth in the wisdom of the cognisant shall always be first and foremost on those who enter into the wall-less kitchen of the nil. No greens. This is not a recruitment but a Jonestown. There is such a thing as the writing on the boot’s sole.
8) The term “kitchen” shall indicate any space the nihilum cook occupies. Cooking does not necessarily lend itself to the culinary arts. Fuck your face on that one.
9) Sheer tyranny and or fascism is to be respected in as far as the ant gives thanks to wayside crumbs left by an uncharitable human. Great to adorn a poster, horrible to involve oneself with. Fascism is the quintessential ordership of an exemplary kitchen. The nil cook recognizes this and perpetuates to the extent they feel necessary to in their space with respect, spanning the spectrum from complete anarchy to absolute tyranny. There are no morals in consumption. Get that straight.
10) Discipline is the one thing which overlaps thoroughly. The nihilum cook respects discipline highly yet is indifferent to the individual’s perception of it. Any individual wishing to express through sustenance the vacacity of the ephemeral art form is free to conduct themselves in accordance with their own personal view of self restraint.