Flowerchild on the 14th Street – Matilda Z.H

Thunderstorm coming from the South,

Pale face


                Hollowness in the rainfall

Flowerchild wandering on the 14th Street

The smell of her citrus parfum

Tangled with thunder and rain

Happy 2o something birthday

Happy Birthday

 Where have you been

 all these years?

Fire has the power to reach the dead

Thousands of stars whispering in flames

Flower child on the 14th street

Knights by her side but she couldn’t see


have you been

all these years?

F l o w e r

c h i l d



                                                          14th Street

Flowerchild on the 14th Street

She is sad but you cannot see

Like a raindrop in the thunderstorm.




Matilda Z. Halen is a writer based in Washington, DC. Her work has appeared in New English Review, Expat Press, Misery Tourism, Adelaide Magazine and other publications. You can find her on Twitter @mydearmatilda