Folklore – Jon Berger

The Warg


I used to be a death metal street kid
A mosh pit blood mage
Blessed by the trailer park shamans
At birth

I was the fastest kid in town

I could jump over cars
Could set my clothes on fire and outrun the flames

Only slept in those deep dark woods
where the cops don’t go

made weapons for the apocalypse in shop class

No one could catch me and make me do something I didn’t want to do

But they still caught me
I don’t know when they caught me
They still caught me somehow
They still caught me somehow
They still caught me somehow

Now I’m a grownup TV watcher

My job makes me feel like a
skeleton with giant eye
holes that are very heavy for some

I cry sometimes

I got my hair cut today

This sucks





The Art of Revenge


you must not move past anything
If you see a tree
Do not want to be just like a tree
You are a desperate and sad liar
You know
A hero
You left home and came back different

Don’t react to the pain in your chest right away
Don’t do anything that could make it go away.

You have to let it settle
It is not a part of you yet
It has to become a part of you
Deep inside your chest and your brain
When it is settled inside of you the
Revenge will become a part of you
And will never go away
Everything you do the revenge will do
With you
Your revenge will go on horrible dates with you
Will be poor with you
Will be with you when you get fired from three different jobs in a very short amount of time
Your revenge will go to the grocery store with you
Watch movies with you and cry
Get blackout drunk with you 3 times a week
Puke in your sleep with you
Your revenge will help you stop other people from being able to kill you
Your revenge will break your back for you
Your revenge will not care that people don’t like you as much as they used to
Because your revenge wants to be alone with you always

Your revenge will latch onto your heart and you will feel power and pain flow through your arms and neck in daily life. This is how demons die
Every day
Your revenge will be your oxygen
And your revenge will be a plan for the rest of your life.



Hive Brain


Sometimes when i wake up in the morning i wake up too early
like 3 in the morning and i know i won’t get back to sleep
because the inside of my skull feels like it is a bee hive full
of bees and their queen has died and there is in-fighting
and i will be tired and my head will be buzzing for the whole day until all the bees have all killed each other