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1   Non Lit / Re: All Purpose Music Discussionneon October 19, 2019, 04:41:08 AM

Started by Sprague Dawley - Last post by noEYEdeer

Pretty darn close, trying to cut down to one Bob Mould, one Hüsker Dü, one Sugar, one Mudhoney, one J Spencer before even looking into all the other dolly pop! Even knowing I'm going to have to split Wu-Tang/GZA/Method Man into a single selection is causing cold sweats. One of three Sonic Youth. Do I pick the best songs shit mix or the stellar mix slightly weaker songs for Mark of Cain?

Down to 200 at the moment. s/t, Zen Arcade and FU:EL are out. SMAP, the Lady Ga-Ga still an outside chance. Speak to my bookie, he'd be glad to take your money on big odds.

2   Non Lit / Re: Growing up with Sarah Huckabeeon October 16, 2019, 06:56:36 PM

Started by Michael Goodcock - Last post by Sprague Dawley

As a special raconteur for the United Nations, I get quite a few opportunities to see a side of politicos they might not be willing to expose to a domestic audience. People also write to me all the time. Much of it is either gossip or unpublishable, but occasionally a story that has a ring of truth to it lands in my inbox. Take this following email I received, claiming to be from a woman who has known the White House Press Secretary since childhood. Is it true? I couldn't say, and won't be following up. I'll leave you to decide...

"Dear Mister Goodcock.

I'm writing to you about my childhood friend Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Of course she was just Sarah Huckabee back then. We kind of grew up together because my mom was a housekeeper for Sarah's parents at their family home in Hope, Arkansas. They were innocent days for both of us. The Huckabees were quite progressive in that they allowed their kids to play with colored kids, so I spent some time at the Huckabee mansion, while momma was cleaning house, in the company of Miss Sarah.

Well one evening the Huckabees were having a picnic on the lawn. It was early autumn, and a glorious soft sunshine dappled through the leaves. Momma was working in the kitchen. The adults were all sitting around talking serious things. Sarah and I were off sitting on our quilt under the chinquapin oak. We must have been eight.

As the sun melted into a saffron evening glow, Sarah was playing with my hair. "It won't go straight," she said. (She had that same frowny, quizzical, cross-eyed look even back then). She started tugging it quite hard, and it hurt. Sarah saw the pain in my eyes and suddenly she kissed me. I pulled away. She pinched my arm and said, "You have to kiss me or your momma won't have a job!" I held still while her face came close to mine again. Our teeth clinked. "Sorry," she whispered into my mouth. She smelt of starch and buttermilk."

A few days later I got a follow up email from the same lady:

"Sarah and I drifted apart for a while because my mom changed jobs, and we were from different parts of town. When I was 15 we met again at a high school debate. She was representing the big Central High School, while I was on the team from the Reform School for Colored Girls. We were both the closing speakers for our teams. I think the topic was the role of creation in the science classroom.

Miss Sarah seemed to have forgotten me altogether, because she didn't acknowledge me at all before the debate. She was quite a beautiful young lady. At least I thought so. She took notes so quickly when our team was speaking, I thought she must be very intelligent too. I was not naturally smart, but momma was really strict about study, hence me being on the debating team a little young.

When Central's second speaker was at the podium, I noticed Sarah staring at me. This was where I had to concentrate the most, because I had to wrap up all the arguments if my team was to have any chance of winning. But I kept checking to see if Sarah was still staring at me. And every time I looked, there was that quizzical, lop-sided frown staring right back at me. I was getting more and more self-conscious, and losing my concentration on what their speaker was saying.

Then I noticed something unusually white below the table. Looking down, I saw Sarah had lifted her skirt and was sitting with her legs apart, showing her crisp white panties, all while still staring at me! My mind was racing. How should I tell her? What if everyone can see? Well this was ruled out because she had angled her legs so that only our table could get the view, and my partners were fixed on the speaker at the podium. Just when I began to wonder if maybe it was deliberate, a dark patch appeared in the middle of Sarah's panties. I was transfixed. I looked up at the glary eyes still watching me, and down at the growing patch, then up again. It began to feel wholly unchristian. Then I realized: Sarah was peeing on the floor of the stage right in front of me! And I was the only one who could see!

Needless to say I was a mess when I got up to speak. I couldn't even remember which side of the debate I was on. Central High went on to be first in County, first in State, and somewhere stratospherically high at the national level. I was too ashamed to ever debate again, and took up watermelon growing."

Then one final email:

"This was my last encounter with Sarah, Mister Goodcock. It happened a few years later, when we were both at college. I was studying law, again a testament to momma being strict about the books. Sarah was studying journalism or something. Everyone said she was a party girl, but she was probably just smart enough to breeze through her classes like the scent of apple blossom through a scattering spring shower.

I didn't run into Sarah until my sophomore year. I was always pretty heavy into the books because there was so much to get my head around. This particular night there was a party at my dorm and Sarah was in attendance. I know this because she came to my room at about 2 am, when I was reading and rereading a treatise on probable cause, without much success in understanding it. The knock startled me up from my book.

When I opened the door, there was Sarah Huckabee, quite disheveled, leaning against the doorjamb. I could smell the hot, sour waves of alcohol on her heaving breath. She hugged me, and her drunken weight pushed me backwards onto my bed. "I love you so much!" she sobbed into my shoulder, as I tried to find my balance. She began kissing and licking my neck. "I love you so much," she said again and again. Her tongue lapped into my ears, my nostrils, over my eyelids and along my jawline. It was as if a lifetime of control came apart in a flood of tears and desire. She grabbed my hand and started bathing it in lachrymose, lingual fervor. She looked up into my eyes with her cross-eyed frown. "You are so, so..."

Sarah fell asleep on my bed. I washed my face and went back to my treatise. A little later, when I checked on Sarah, there was a small puddle of vomit around her mouth. I checked her breathing and went back to study. A few hours later I went to the bathroom, and when I got back, Sarah was gone. I took the sheet to the laundry and remade the bed. I never heard from her again

I finished law school, and now work part time as an intern at a law firm here in Arkansas. If I work hard, I might get more paid hours. I also volunteer at the Southern Poverty Law Center. When I see Sarah on TV, I still think she is a beautiful, intelligent woman. And she is now so successful too! But I also wonder what enigmas Miss Sarah might be hiding inside."

The last we saw of flotters AKA Dixon Phyre AKA miserable_cunt AKA manwithtwodicks.

Lazy bastard was only here for 10 internet minutes. Even his shitty pic hosting has died on him.

Someone do something

3   Non Lit / Re: All Purpose Music Discussionneon October 16, 2019, 06:50:41 PM

Started by Sprague Dawley - Last post by Sprague Dawley

think I can safely guess noID's Top 20. really just left to him to pencil in the final placings.

BOB MOULD workbook
BOB MOULD black sheets of rain
Husker Du - Zen Arcade
Hüsker Dü - New Day Rising
Hüsker Dü - Flip Your Wig
Hüsker Dü - Candy Apple Grey
Sugar - Copper Blue   
Sugar - Beaster    
Sugar - File Under: Easy Listening
Jon Spencer BE
Lady Gaga - greatest hits
GG Allin - my life in faeces
AKB 48
SMAP greatest hits
struggling now

4   Non Lit / Re: Things I’ve learned are bullshiton October 16, 2019, 01:40:06 AM

Started by manuelmarrero - Last post by Sprague Dawley

things I have quit:

watching NBA bounceball. Sky TV lost the contract which saves me from burrowing a furrow in the sofa and veging out to 3 hour games of reg season pedestrian tedium
watching prem league soccer. see above. oh sure, could sign up to "Dazn" streaming service for $20 a month... but I'd never bloody stop watching. They tell me I am still supposed to go to work.
cassette walkman. after my last one broke I switched to the dogshit tinpot thrill of mp3 player. It sucks. Still, I HAVE to get with the new hi-tech programme. People were looking at me funny on the subway when I'd take out my Sony WM FX-888 and flip the fucken tape over. Yes, they were already looking at me funny, I know, get stuffed
running. it7s just too fucken boring and stupid and tiring
playing basketball. i am just too goddamn old and lazy for that knee-rupturing scene
twitter I can't believe it! I quit! No pangs to go back! Has anyone ever done this before?
facebook yeah so what if I was only on there for 10 minutes, get fucked. I still quit!

trying to quit:

watching NFL boofball. 3 hour games and they're all giving themselves fucken brain damage but damnit I love it
sugar. no goddamn chance here. my blood must be about 16% biscuit
buying huge boxes of records wholesale from overseas. the postage is a gouge and I just cannot afford this shit

Started by Sprague Dawley - Last post by Sprague Dawley

Oh shit. Warren has no chance. Her voice sounds exactly like Stuart's mum from Mad TV:

6   Non Lit / Re: All Purpose Music Discussionneon October 15, 2019, 03:53:48 PM

Started by Sprague Dawley - Last post by Sprague Dawley

1750 album
i wonder what the sweet spot is. somehwere between 600-1000 albums is my latest brilliant theoreouom. Then you can play 2 a day and listen to each one at least every couple of years. Instead of mammoth collection where you're mathematically reduced to playing each one every 13 millenia
Still thing Dirty Three is the most boring shit out there.
Secretly Disrtibution are the exclusive for D3 and have most of their albums in print for about as cheap as youre gonna find, $10 or so. read some rave reviews and went to check them out on the youtubes. yep, boring as hell. although I dont mind boring so wouldnt mind hearing whats regarded as their best shit.

7   Non Lit / Re: All Purpose Music Discussionneon October 15, 2019, 05:47:40 AM

Started by Sprague Dawley - Last post by noEYEdeer

Neek was fairly busy that year. In related news, I have NOT bought his last 2 albums as I've given up on the cunt. Warren Ellis has ruined him with that blip plop casiotone horseshit.
Haven't heard anything good about it. Best review has been "middle age dinner party music" so the bar is low. Still thing Dirty Three is the most boring shit out there. Bring back Blixa with his tin pot of hair gel.

8   Non Lit / Re: All Purpose Music Discussionneon October 15, 2019, 03:51:45 AM

Started by Sprague Dawley - Last post by noEYEdeer

Top 20, sheeeeeeeeit.
1750 album cull starts now.

9   Non Lit / Re: Televisio'nneon October 14, 2019, 04:29:37 AM

Started by Sprague Dawley - Last post by Sprague Dawley

goddamnit, in the throes of fullblown addiction to this Succession shit now. up to e8. Manners would crack a fat iHomo. If the cunt would ever come and visit us on his site

I see Will Ferrall listed as exec producer, wonder if he had a part in the language being so insanely spicy and hostile. Its just a torrid torrent of vicious belittlements under the guise of phoned-in filial piety


left to right:

neurotic son. a wiener inside a wiener. Although he does seem to have some business acumen his uptight neurotic butthurt just makes him revolting to everyone who comes into contact with him and renders him an object of enfeebled hatred. Particularly from his father who sees right the fuck thru him

youngest son. I like how he demands to be COO despite having zero interest AT ALL in anything related to business. So gets COO gig, walks into office, looks at computer for 3 seconds, bored immediately, lies on floor, bored, so pulls the blinds and proceeds to stimulate himself to issue against the window pane.

dad. falling the fuck apart. whether or not his new foreign goldigger wife, who the kids all obviously hate, is going to fuck the whole lot of them up the arse, is the key intrigue of the series i reckon

daughter. deadshit. unclear why she wants to marry that ghastly wanker who treats gangly ol dimwit "Greg" like he's just wings to be pulled off a bug

other son. total bipolar nutjob. thick as pigshit and a terrible human. rooting a teenager who hates him

Started by junkiegirlfriend - Last post by Sprague Dawley

go to modify profile

then forum profile

then field that says

Specify your own avatar by URL

then dump in

piece of piss
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