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Author Topic: CNN  (Read 291 times)

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Sprague Dawley

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« on: September 08, 2019, 12:47:54 AM »

I know, I know. This topic is not exactly cradling the counter cultural cache of subversive literature to its bosom. Not exactly what this forii is aiming for. But ffs. These days I seem to watch CNN like I'm being paid for it. God knows why. About 65% of its telecast is the same 4 infomercials advertising... themselves. Over and fucking over. Specifically, their legendary cadre of hard-hitting journalists. The cult of personality clique. Amanpour. Wolf Blitzer. And carving through the briny bilge, the maidenhead, yes, Anderson Cooper, their flagship toothpaste Max Headroom on 11 MILLION a year. Get this though. Since the Orange Spermranch got elected in 2016 CNN's profits are up 36%. 36 fucking percent! They don't mention that wee factoid during their 24 hour hammering of ol' Agent Orange Dildostein. The object of their non-stop derision is lining their pockets. 36%, that's what, 3 million of Coops 11 million solely courtesy of railing on Donnie Drumpfburger.

Also, apparently Fox News are hammering CNN in the ratings. I've never seen Fox News so will have to leave the cutting expose of that programme in more capable forii hands.

9 am: Anderson Cooper. he looks clever but actually I suspect he's a bit thick. his vocab aint all that and he gets a bit tongue tied and doesnt seem to have the acuity to go for the killer questions. His "handoff" to Cuomo is professional and perfunctory but gives the vibe that Cuomo is the cool kid at skool and Coops is a bit of a stiff. Maybe Coops is such a pro he doesnt like the "handoff" thing at all and wants to keep it all super professional. Or maybe it's cos he secretly has a raging crush on Cuomo and is like a flustered little girl in the great man's curled Adonis-like prescence. Wasnt Cuomo voted "Sexiest Man Alive" in one of those tabloid bollocks mags back in the day? I reckon this is why Coops is so perfunctory, he's thinking, "fuck you, you have a great big old 15 minute chat about the weekend with Lemon yet try to shunt me off as quick as you fucken can. You devilishly handsome cad, you. Oh, but I could never hold it against you. Unless.... you want me to hold it against you...." <cue massive fappy sounds coming from under Coops desk>

Anyway, having watched about 10,000 hours of Coops it is my judgement that he is actually a really pure person. Even though he's a fuckign Vanderbilt. FFS. Imagine the life he had growing up. Just sheer opulence. Spiral staircases. The WORKS. Hate these born-on-3rd-base bastards. Although sounds like ol' Andy has "disinherited" himself from mummies will though. Very noble. When you're on $11 mill a year at work. FFS just give us some fucken money ya Thunderbirds-headed cunt.

10 am Cuomo. way sharper, impressive vocab, and thinks very quickly. That said, after 20 minutes he has "The Great Debate" segment with libtard vs fascist with neither willing to sede any ground whatsoever so the whole thing is just a big fucken argument with both sides digging their heels in. You NEVER hear one side say "you know, that is totally right and you've changed my mind on that matter." Like. Fuck. I tune out for this whole segment.

Then, at the end of Cuomo's hour, in contrast to the perfunctory handoff with Anderson Toothpaste, when Cuomo hands over to Don Lemon, OH SHIT, they have a great big old laugh and chat for fucken 15 minutes. It's like the SNL bus scene where all the black people get off the bus and suddenly a party breaks out. Cooper must be thinking fine then, fuck ya, you two have a great big old chat while one hour before you give me the bum's rush inside 5 seconds.

11 am Don Lemon. i like the bloke but he is a bit repetitive playing the same old anti-drumpf clips over and over again. Sorry Lemo, I go do some other shit at this stage.

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