Four Experimental Poems – Parasite Hermit

Experimental Poem #1


Razor-sharp tip of the foray
Spearheaded by the Hellishly hot tip of wrath
But sober, us divide the burnt pieces of tangerine peel
The utterance of prickly patterns on our mutual spaces
It’s an accentuated marriage in heaven
It’s the vibrations of the penance of titans
It’s the parallelism of commitment that gets tangled
It’s the hermit torturing itself to death
The boychild of the clan is crushed in the mill
The militia garners the cold for us
The wraiths offer us air, bless them God


Experimental Poem #2


An abomination of shekl
The tashkil of augmentation
All but a toilet bowl in the harbinger’s wake
Hatred incarnate
A lost soul twists you until you break
And a boneless bard watches
Muses on the end
A crazed Otonashi
In sheep’s clothing

The whole world falls victim to the moonplague
Of 裏の暴動

This is nawat-al misanteropi
A soft lullaby for dying mothers

All is crushed in the palm of an unphased Vay
It’s the kreislauf of elvágyódás
For hoval mowt
And the hive mind will find its way

For the
Netherworld seeker
The cyberia seeker
The anagapesis of nature
I am the chisel
I am the タsk
And I carry the hivemind in my palm
And I won’t close it ever
Until you’re off
And our warcry ripples this sky open
Like ra’d
And all brightens
Like barq


Experimental Poem #3


Gunk surface, lips sewed and skewed, and the corpse of light
Is opiation on a weary sight
The herald’s message is opposable but
Suspension is death in a time capsule
Drifters unfurl the varations of life
Warriors prick the wilderness
‘Tis but an idle wander in eden
‘Tis collapse of faith in geography
This is the skinned murmur of kinetics
The martyrs blindly paid the toll with honey
The ocean sheds its monstrous face in return


Experimental Poem #4


But yet
Then again
It’s mine
I see
The year
Before me
There’s panic
And the delicious pain of hunger
Your smile breathes
Your accent on my heart
Feels like the accent of the incantation
The feel is dread
It’s scary
The no
The accept
The know
A green rest
Revive the long
And clean the zero
Let the summary write itself
Let the stone hit your head
I beg you
Please come in