ghost zone – Jonathan Hine

the singularity known as 'Indict'


                THE LUNAR HIGHLANDS

                      continued between

                           Object 1

                                (the final reckoning

             & the debris

                         between the support



                                       σκελετός bones


             in dark of the sfîr′əl sky

                      a gaunt light

                                 is kindled in

                                          thickets of

                                              lifting smoke


      what they grew was reclaimed through:

               1951 coincidences of

                                      terrestrial history

               1960 mundus laureate energy

                                             infused with infinity


               1987 touch





& 44 devices of

                        hi pulse


                    the aligned segment was            

                    implemented with an antenna enabling the 10 critical



& accessed

                    UNABRIDGED PLAY

the telematics input ascend along the clock marked

000 spheres

                           voids waft


hardness junction

i bring the offspring of impermeable lines < /span>

dark with diffuse nimbus flashing stellar serpent colors on the outermost layers of out-of-focus soft shaped cemetery debris burnished with hotel vomit amidst unknown winds blowing through dust pacific laundromat shapes as beacons flash infinite on bridge spaces hidden with disuse and from here the choked crossings weave rust and fields of cement crawl on